RTF Documentation

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Rich Text Format Documentation
Rich text reports are documents produced by Enterprise Architect in Rich Text Format (RTF), a format common to many word processors. In particular it is targeted at Microsoft Word™, which provides the ability to link together a number of rich text documents into a single master document.

Typically you will create a Word master document, then some Enterprise Architect RTF reports. These are linked back into sub-sections of the master document and refreshed as required during project development. In this way the project document becomes an easy to manage and feature-rich work product.

By adding tables of contents, figure tables, header & footers and sections you can manage a complex document with relative ease. Simply update the Enterprise Architect RTF reports then refresh the links in MS Word.

Enterprise Architect v5.0 has introduced a new fully-featured RTF Document generator. Some of the features include:

  • Powerful WYSIWYG RTF template editor support allowing:
    • Headers and Footers
    • Images
    • Indexes
    • Tabular Sections
    • Nested Sections
    • All model elements, connectors, diagrams and their properties
    • Template import and export using XML
    • Basic templates supplied for customization
  • New document generator:
  • New embedded RTF viewer
    • View RTF documents generated in EA directly within EA