MDG Technology for ODP

The UML4ODP defines how UML may be used to specify open distributed systems in terms of viewpoints as defined in the RM-ODP. It defines one UML Profile for each viewpoint language and one to express the correspondences between viewpoints, and an approach for structuring them according to the RM-ODP principles.

UML4ODP allows UML and ODP modelers alike, to structure large system specifications according to a mature and standard proposal in RM-ODP, while leveraging the industry-standard graphical notation of UML. UML tools are thus able to process viewpoint specifications, facilitating the software design process and the enterprise architecture specification of large software systems.

RM-ODP Viewpoints
RM-ODP Viewpoints: Extremely High Level Summary (After UML4ODP)

Barry Steer Ph.D. of SteerConsulting Services ([email protected]) constructed the following Enterprise Architect profiles and metamodels based on the UML4ODP.

Download the MDG Technology for ODP & Other Resources

MDG Technology for ODP v1.0 (from "UML4ODP Specification" by the RM-ODP) Defines a set of stereotypes for defining components using the ODP Specification.
disk (1.0)(12 KB)

UML4ODP Reference Metamodel
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How to download and install the technology.

After downloading the technology (, extract the MDG Technology file (ODP Technology.xml) and save it to a location visible to everyone who wishes to use it - it can be a folder on a local or network drive, intranet or internet. Each user who wishes to use the technology will need to start EA, select "Settings > MDG Technologies" from EA's main menu, click the "Advanced" and "Add" buttons, then choose either "Add Path" or "Add URL" to point to the MDG Technology file's location. UML4ODP will then be available after restarting EA.

How to download and install the reference metamodel.

After downloading the metamodel (, extract the metamodel XMI file. Start EA and either open an existing model or create a new one. Then right-click a package in the Project Browser window and select the "Import/Export | Import Package from XMI" command.


The ITU-T Rec. X.906 | ISO/IEC 19793 Unified Modeling Language for Open Distributed Processing (UML4ODP) enables the seamless integration of the Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP) enterprise architecture framework with the Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) initiative from the OMG, and with service-oriented architecture (SOA).

For more information see the RM-ODP wiki. The ISO resource site is and a bibliography is available at