Third Party Extensions

Many of our partners have developed extension technologies for Enterprise Architect, created with Enterprise Architect's powerful customization frameworks. These Third Party Extensions provide specialist tools to the wider Enterprise Architect Community.

Extension Name Description
AMUSE AMUSE can validate your Enterprise Architect UML Model to correct errors or application logic and reuse source code.
Solvea Solvea" is a SysML parametric solver and integrator extension for Enterprise Architect.



Detecting issues early in the project lifecycle can save a lot of time and money. With AMUSE you can validate your Enterprise Architect UML Model to correct errors in your business workflow or application logic before your software engineers write a single line of code. You also can reuse the source code generated by AMUSE for your applications (C# supported in the standard package).

With AMUSE you can create models on any level of abstraction and initiate testing in the very early project stages. By integrating mock-objects, existing applications and external hardware, even highly complex behaviors can be validated.

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Solvea" is a SysML parametric solver and integrator add-in for Enterprise Architect. With Solvea, system engineers can execute SysML parametric models in Enterprise Architect to compute system performance, cost, reliability, and other measures-of-effectiveness; setup and perform automated requirements verification; and run automated trade studies to select best-in-class alternatives.

Solvea supports Mathematica® and OpenModelica" for parametric constraint solving. The Solvea - Excel® connection makes it easy to import/export data from SysML models. Solvea also allow users to wrap MATLAB/Simulink® m-files as SysML constraint blocks, build high-fidelity SysML parametric models, and execute them in the context of the system-of-interest. Interfaces to other standard computer-aided design, analysis and simulation tools are under development, so check out our website for the latest info.