Third Party Extensions

Many of our partners have developed extension technologies for Enterprise Architect, created with Enterprise Architect's powerful customization frameworks. These Third Party Extensions provide specialist tools to the wider Enterprise Architect Community.

Extension Name Description
EA Connector for Redmine EA Connector for Redmine exchanges model information in Enterprise Architect with ticket information in Redmine, which is a web-based, open source application for project management and issue tracking.
Enterprise Tester Enterprise Tester is a web-based test management solution, providing world-first integration with Enterprise Architect and JIRA.
SpiraTest Importer Seamlessly create and manage your requirements in Enterprise Architect, then synchronize them into SpiraTest to develop your quality assurance test plan.

EA Connector for Redmine


EA Connector for Redmine exchanges information between Enterprise Architect and Redmine. The integration of these applications helps to connect project teams by:

  • Enabling discussion of Enterprise Architect elements in Redmine
  • Facilitating information flow between development tools using Redmine ticket information as input to designs in Enterprise Architect (ticket driven development)
  • Highlighting relationships (RedmineLinks) between Redmine tickets using Enterprise Architect diagrams
  • And so on...

EA Connector for Redmine relates Enterprise Architect Requirements, Changes, Use Cases, Tests, Issues, Features and Tasks to Redmine tickets - exchanging attributes bi-directionally. With the help of EA Connector for Redmine, you can:

  • Export Enterprise Architect elements to Redmine tickets
  • Import Redmine tickets to Enterprise Architect elements
  • Preserve relationships between Redmine Tickets and corresponding Enterprise Architect elements
  • Synchronize attributes of Enterprise Architect elements with Redmine tickets

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Enterprise Tester

Enterprise Tester

Enterprise Tester is a fully integrated, web-based test management solution, which provides a world-first integration with Enterprise Architect and JIRA. Utilizing a unique transformation framework which facilitates traceability from UML requirements to test cases and defects, Enterprise Tester enables your organization to improve test scripting and management process whilst reducing software defects, project costs and timeframes.

Key Enterprise Tester features include:

  • Integration with Enterprise Architect and JIRA;
  • Real-time retrieval of test cases, scenarios and script headers from UML models;
  • Management and organization of test cycles and execution sets;
  • Cycle based testing and recording of results;
  • Step-by-step script instruction and recording of associated results;
  • Storage, management and reusability of scripts; and
  • Full end-to-end visibility of defects and associated requirements.

Enterprise Tester is also a component part of Catch Limited's integrated toolset, which includes award winning tools Screen Architect, Enterprise Architect and JIRA, and provides users with a full end-to-end solution in lifecycle management.

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+64 9 303 2023

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SpiraTest Importer

Enterprise Architect to SpiraTest Importer

Seamlessly create and manage your requirements in Enterprise Architect, then synchronize them into SpiraTest to develop your quality assurance test plan. SpiraTest offers a comprehensive quality assurance and test management system, helping to manage your requirements, test cases and defects/bugs with requirements traceability and real-time coverage analysis. Using SpiraTest and Enterprise Architect together can help reduce your project risk and optimize your testing process.

Functionality & Benefits:

  • Create, edit and execute test-cases for better software application testing
  • Track bugs, enhancements, risks and issues
  • Map tests to requirements to track coverage of software test management
  • Link bugs to test steps during test execution for full test traceability
  • Drill down from requirements to tests and incidents
  • Personalized dashboards and customizable reporting
  • Fully customizable workflows and field values for a more responsive software testing life cycle
  • Available as a hosted service or on-premise install

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