Business & Software Engineering Edition

Advanced Tools for Business and Software Engineering

Whether you are a software development professional, business modeler, architect, requirements expert, project manager or simply involved in the design and construction of quality software and business services, this edition of Enterprise Architect has the features and built in tools to help you and your team deliver the best solution possible.

For information regarding Enterprise Architect Floating Editions please see our Enterprise Architect Floating Licence page.

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Executable UML models, BPEL and more

By combining powerful features like executable code generation from UML models, BPEL, advanced scripting and a multi-purpose Rules Composer targeting executable code from fact models, Sparx Systems has put advanced model driven construction tools within the reach of all team members.

Structure your models and integrate your toolset

To complement these great features, this edition also bundles licenses for a number of proven technologies and frameworks such as DoDAF-MODAF and Zachman, as well as integration products to tightly bind your code development in Eclipse or Visual Studio with the UML models developed in Enterprise Architect.

Edition Features

  • Generation of Behavioral Code from State, Sequence and Activity models. Standard programming languages such as Java and .NET supported
  • Advanced math functions available within the scripting engine
  • BPEL Generation from BPMN 1.1 models - including validation and WSDL support
  • Business Rules Composer. Build fact models and generate code to implement complex business rules in standard programming languages.

Included MDG Technologies/Architectural Frameworks

Leverage proven frameworks to structure and organize your complex development projects. Check out the following pages for more information on each product.

MDG Technology for UPDM
MDG Technology for Zachman Framework
MDG Technology for TOGAF

Included MDG Integration Tools

Tightly couple your UML models and your software development environment to maximize productivity and transparency. Keep developers, architects, testers, project managers and other team members in touch and on the same page. See the following pages for details:

MDG Integration for Visual Studio
MDG Link for Visual Studio
MDG Integration for Eclipse
MDG Link for Eclipse
For a full list of features of all editions of Enterprise Architect download the comparison chart (PDF), or view the compare editions page.