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WebEA questions

This topic provides answers to frequently-asked questions related to publishing the model in WebEA using Enterprise Architect's Pro Cloud service.



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Why does WebEA return the message 'Diagram Image not Found'?

This error message indicates that the diagram exists in the model, but the image of the diagram has not been generated.

Possible reasons:

  • The Enterprise Architect Worker application is not running for this model (it has not been configured, it is not currently running, or has not run since the diagram was saved)
  • The diagram was created in Enterprise Architect, but has not yet been saved
  • The model does not have the 'Auto create Diagram Image and Image Map' option enabled in model-specific options, or
  • The user is on an old version (prior to build 1350) of Enterprise Architect
Model Specific Options

Why does WebEA return the message 'The selected model has User Security enabled, however it is not configured to prompt for user credentials!'?

This message is returned when you have user security set up on the repository, but you have not set the login_prompt to true in the webea_config.ini file.

  • If you set login_prompt = true, then the entries in sscs_model_user & sscs_model_pwd are not required
  • If you set login_prompt = false and have entries in sscs_model_user and sscs_model_pwd, it will login
How to configure WebEA models