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Floating Licenses

This topic provides answers to questions related to Floating Licenses. For more details of Floating Licenses for Sparx Systems products, see the Sparx Systems Floating Licenses web page.



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What is a Floating License?

As the name suggests, a Floating License is one that 'floats' amongst the user population rather than being permanently assigned to one user. When a staff member wants to use the product, they borrow (check-out) one of the available license keys from a central store and use that to access the software. When they log out of the product, the license key is automatically returned to the store, where it is once more available for use by any staff member.

Floating Licenses

Can one floating license be shared by multiple users at once?

No. As with all Sparx Systems licensing, floating license keys may only be used by one user at a time, keeping the number of concurrent users consistent with the number of software licenses purchased.

Can a floating license still be used while disconnected from a network, for example when working offline?

Yes. Floating licenses can be configured to permit a user to continue using Enterprise Architect after disconnecting from the corporate network. The expiry period can be defined by the Floating License administrator.

Note: The user must connect to the network initially to obtain the license from the server.

Sparx Systems Keystore Service

Which Sparx Systems products are available as floating licenses?

All editions of Enterprise Architect are available as floating license products. Additionally Enterprise Architect Add-Ins sold by Sparx Systems, are also available as floating licenses.

How are floating licenses distributed?

Floating licenses are held in a 'Store'. Each time a user opens Enterprise Architect, the local computer will 'check-out' a license from the 'Store'. Once a user with a checked out license closes Enterprise Architect (or releases the license), it will be returned back to the Store, ready for the next user.

If a user opens Enterprise Architect and there are no available licenses remaining in the Store, then they will be unable to continue until a license becomes available.

The Floating License mechanism supports the following types of 'Stores':

  • Floating License Server - a component of the Pro Cloud Server, which is installed as a service on a server
  • KeyStore Server- installed as a service on a server
  • File Based - a simply file placed on a network share
Floating License Server

Can I share floating licenses from a Linux file system?

Yes. A file based Store can be hosted on Linux based servers, with the use of a samba share.  Alternatively the Pro Cloud Server/Floating License Server can be run on a Linux based machine, however Wine (or equivalent) is required.

Configuring Enterprise Architect's Pro Cloud Server Using Wine

Can I access floating licenses from Enterprise Architect running on Linux or Mac?

Yes. As of Enterprise Architect 7.5, floating keys can be accessed by users running Enterprise Architect from these operating systems using compatibility software.

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