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This topic provides answers to questions that can arise when implementing and maintaining a Floating License Key Store service.



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Why can't I obtain a Floating license key from Enterprise Architect? The OK button is disabled on the Add Registration Key | Get Shared Key dialog.

You have to click on an item from the 'Select a Product' list in order to enable the OK button, even when only one product is listed.

See Step 16 of the Visual Quick Start Guide.

Sparx Systems Keystore Service

Keys have been entered into the Keystore Manager, but Enterprise Architect reports “No Keys Available” when trying to access - why is this?

This might indicate that you are actually accessing a different key store repository to the one where your licenses have been entered.  If you are referencing the Keystore Service from Enterprise Architect (such as ssks://servername), make sure that you are also linking to the service from within the Keystore Manager and not referencing a local file-based keystore (sskeys.dat).

In the Keystore Manager application (running on the server):

  • From the main menu, select 'File | Link To'
  • Select 'Sparx Keystore Server' and enter 'ssks://localhost' into the 'Server Address' field
  • Click on the Test button to confirm that connection to the service is successful, then click on the OK button

If the ssks://localhost Key Store does not contain any keys, right-click on your other 'sskeys.dat' Key Store, select 'Migrate To' and specify 'ssks://localhost' as the destination.  After all keys have been successfully migrated, delete the 'sskeys.dat' key store from the list.  Connect to the keystore server from Enterprise Architect again and you should now be able to access your licenses.

Why can I connect to the Keystore via ssks://localhost on the same machine as where the service is installed, but when I try to connect from another machine I see “Error: Could not connect to the Sparx Systems Keystore Service at ssks://[server address]"?

If Windows Firewall is enabled on the machine where your Keystore Service is hosted, you will have to add an exception to either allow incoming connections on TCP port 7770, or allow any incoming connections to the KeystoreService.exe application.