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Web page reporting

This topic provides answers to frequently-asked questions related to the generation of Web page reports (HTML) using Enterprise Architect.



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How do I pass a link for a specific diagram or element in an HTML report?

HTML report pages are referenced using the GUID identifier of an element or a diagram.

That is, in the form:


When you use this you can type the word 'guid' in lower case, and you do not include braces { } in the value; for example:

     http:// .../path/Index.htm?guid=DC62B0DA-0D60-4447-85E6-B9BBAE7FC90F

To obtain the GUID, right-click on the Package or element in the Browser window and select the 'Copy/Paste > Copy Node GUID to Clipboard' option, or right-click on the diagram and select the 'Copy Reference' option.

Create a Web Page Report

After I generate the HTML Report I try to open the 'index' HTML document with Google Chrome, but it fails - why?

Google Chrome allows the HTML document 'index' to be loaded from a remote web server, but not from your local file system. This is a feature of Google Chrome to eliminate abuse of a workstation using JavaScript.

To display web reports directly from the file system, Chrome requires the command line argument:

     chrome.exe --allow-file-access-from-files

Create a Web Page Report

Can I create user-defined output for the HTML reports?

The Enterprise Architect HTML reports can be user-customized with templates for CSS style, JavaScript and HTML.

Create Web Style Templates

How do I automate the generation of HTML?

The Automation Interface supports generating HTML reports using the RunHTMLReport() function in the Project Class.

Project Class Enterprise Architect Object Model