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This topic provides answers to frequently-asked questions concerning creating and applying user-definable report templates in Enterprise Architect.



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How do I create a report template?

Select the ribbon option 'Publish > Tools > Document Templates' and, on the Document Template Designer toolbar, click on the first icon ('New Document Template').

For full details of setting up the template, see the Design Custom Document Templates Help topic.

For a quick demonstration of creating report templates see the webinars:

  • Document Generation Basics
  • Enhanced Document Generation
Enhanced Document Generation Document Generation Basics Design Custom Document Templates

Why can't I insert a TOC? I select the 'Insert' option, but the menu option 'Table of Contents' is disabled.

A Table of Contents will only operate on text set to a Style of type 'Heading'.

So, in order to activate the 'Table of Contents' menu option, you must have in your template at least one piece of text set to a Style of type 'Heading 1..9'.

How do I suppress the Diagram Border in generated documentation?

To suppress the diagram borders from being displayed in generated documentation:

  1. Select the 'Start > View > Preferences > Diagram' option.
  2. In the 'Diagram Frames' panel, deselect the 'On Printer Images' checkbox.
Diagram Options

How do I report elements in a diagram that are from other Packages?

Reporting elements in diagrams that are stored in external Packages requires selecting the Package > Diagram > Element section in your report, but leaving it blank. If the section is left blank, it will report the same details as laid out in the Package >  Element section, including elements in external Packages.

Report Elements From External Packages

Why are the Filters I set in the main template not operating in my Template fragments?

Each template has its own unique filter-set. This is not propagated down through to child templates because, if it was propagated, unique filters could not be added.

Can I hide a section label if the field has no content?

Using Bookmarks you can suppress a label being reported if it has no content. See the Using Bookmarks Help topic.

To see some examples of using this, create a copy of the system template Model Report and examine the fields; for example, Element.Keywords.

Using Bookmarks

How do I do a simple automation of a Report generation?

The Automation Interface supports generating HTML reports using the RunReport () function in the Project Class.

Project Class