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This topic provides answers to frequently-asked questions concerning creating and applying user-definable report templates in Enterprise Architect.



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How do I create a report template?

Select the ribbon option 'Publish > Model Reports > Templates' and, on the Document Template Designer toolbar, click on the first icon ('New Document Template').

For full details of setting up the template, see the Design Custom Document Templates Help topic.

For a quick demonstration of creating report templates see the webinars:

  • Document Generation Basics
  • Enhanced Document Generation
Enhanced Document Generation Document Generation Basics Design Custom Document Templates

Why can't I insert a TOC? I select the 'Insert' option, but the menu option 'Table of Contents' is disabled.

A Table of Contents will only operate on text set to a Style of type 'Heading'.

So, in order to activate the 'Table of Contents' menu option, you must have in your template at least one piece of text set to a Style of type 'Heading 1..9'.

How do I suppress the Diagram Border in generated documentation?

To suppress the diagram borders from being displayed in generated documentation:

  1. Select the 'Start > Application > Preferences > Preferences > Diagram' option.
  2. In the 'Diagram Frames' panel, deselect the 'On Printer Images' checkbox.
Diagram Options

How do I report elements in a diagram that are from other Packages?

Reporting elements in diagrams that are stored in external Packages requires selecting the Package > Diagram > Element section in your report, but leaving it blank. If the section is left blank, it will report the same details as laid out in the Package >  Element section, including elements in external Packages.

Report Elements From External Packages

Why are the Filters I set in the main template not operating in my Template fragments?

Each template has its own unique filter-set. This is not propagated down through to child templates because, if it was propagated, unique filters could not be added.

Can I hide a section label if the field has no content?

Using Bookmarks you can suppress a label being reported if it has no content. See the Using Bookmarks Help topic.

To see some examples of using this, create a copy of the system template Model Report and examine the fields; for example, Element.Keywords.

Using Bookmarks

How do I do a simple automation of a Report generation?

The Automation Interface supports generating HTML reports using the RunReport () function in the Project Class.

Project Class