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New User Questions

This topic provides answers to questions that might arise when you are starting to use Enterprise Architect as a new user.



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How do I enter the Registration Key?

When you install the registered version of Enterprise Architect, you will be prompted to enter a registration key. This key will have been sent to you by email in response to your purchase of Enterprise Architect.

Copy the registration key to the clipboard; if the key is enclosed by curly braces '{}', make sure you include them as part of the copied text string.

On the 'License Management' dialog, click on the Add Key button. On the 'Enter Private Key' tab, paste the copied key into the provided space, then click on the OK button.

If you have to make any later changes or register an Add-In, you can open the 'License Management' dialog again using:

     'Start > Help > Help > Register and Manage Your License Key(s)'

For more information relating to registering your copy of Enterprise Architect refer to the License Management Help topic.

Can I register the trial version? License Management

How do I create a new Project?

For information relating to the creation of new file-based projects, refer to the File Based Projects Help topic.

File Based Projects

How can I create a new model?

When creating a new model you can use a wide range of pre-defined patterns as a template.  For most popular model types such as UML, SysML and BPMN there are starter patterns that you can select to quickly start your modeling. For information relating to this refer to the Model Wizard Help topic.

Model Wizard

How can I install Enterprise Architect under Linux or macOS?

Using Wine, it is possible to install and run Enterprise Architect on Debian-based Linux systems, such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint, as well as on macOS systems.

For details on installing Enterprise Architect on Mac/Linux using Wine, refer to the Help topic Installing Enterprise Architect Under Linux or macOS.

Installing Enterprise Architect Under Linux or macOS

Why does text that I have pasted into my EA project turn into question marks (???) after reloading?

For text written in non-Roman character languages (such as Chinese) you require Unicode support. The default .EAP file created by Enterprise Architect uses MS Access Jet 3.5, which does not support Unicode characters. To allow Unicode to be saved, you require a Jet 4.0 .EAP file.

For more information, refer to the Notes section of the Startup Help topic.

Jet 4.0 .eap file download Startup

What are the hardware specifications for DBMSs?

Each scenario can have vastly different usage of Enterprise Architect features, which means there can be different emphasis on the use of tables in the repository. As such we can only provide a broad set up procedure for your preferred DBMS. For hardware specifications you will need to contact the vendor of the DBMS that you intend to use.

Server Based Repositories