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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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User Button

This feature is available from Enterprise Architect Release 14.1.

For models with user security enabled, the name of the currently logged in user will display in the ribbon header in the top right of the screen.

User info menu for model with security:
Remember Me
Change Password
Set Avatar
Log in as Another User

If you click on the user's name, a drop down menu displays providing a set of user options.

User Button Menu

Menu Item


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Remember Me

Select this option to securely store the current user's login credentials for the current model. The next time the user attempts to open the model, the stored credentials will be used instead of prompting the user for their credentials.


  • This requires the option 'Allow 'Remember Me' to be enabled on the 'Security Users' dialog
  • The credentials are stored on the current computer and can not be transferred between computers, users or models
Maintain Users

Change Password

Change the password for the logged in user.

Change Password

Set Avatar

Set an image to be used as an avatar for the logged in user.

Set User Avatar

Log In as Another User

Display the Login panel, on which you log into the model as another user.

Security Panel