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Import a MagicDraw MDZIP File

Enterprise Architect supports importing UML models from MDZIP files generated by MagicDraw 17.0.1 and above.


Select your target Package in the Browser window, then use the method outlined here to open the 'Import from MDZIP File(s)' dialog.


Publish > Model Exchange > Import > MDZIP File

Import UML Model from MDZIP File(s)



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Displays the name of the currently-selected Package.

If this is not the required Package, click on the Browse package button and select the correct Package.


Click on the Browse. button.

The 'Select MDZIP File(s)' dialog displays, from which you can select multiple files.

Select the required MagicDraw MDZIP file or files (use Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select several files), then click on the Open button to return to the 'Import From MDZIP File(s)' dialog.

Selected File(s)

Lists the *.MDZIP files you have selected for import.

Write Log File

Select this checkbox to write a log of import activity.

The log file is saved in the directory from which the files are being imported, with the name import.log.


Click on this button to import the MDZIP file(s) into Enterprise Architect.


Click on this button to close this dialog.


Click on this button to display this Help page.

Import Progress

Indicates the progress of the import.


  • In the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect, if security is enabled you must have 'Import XMI' permission to import Packages from XML

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