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Import EMX/UML2 Files

In Rational Software Architect (RSA) you can add many UML models under a single root. These models can have cross references between them. However, RSA cannot save the entire root as one file - it saves each UML model as a separate EMX file. This means that an EMX file with cross-references is not self-contained as it references elements in another EMX file.

In Enterprise Architect releases earlier than Release 7.0, each EMX file is treated as a separate model and hence does not allow for cross-references between them. Since Release 7.0, Enterprise Architect enables these cross-references.

You therefore have the options of:

  • Importing a single EMX/UML2 file or
  • Importing a group of related EMX/UML2 files together, thereby retaining the cross-references between the different files


Select your target Package in the Browser window, then use the method outlined here to open the 'Import Package from EMX/UML2' dialog.


Publish > Model Exchange > Import > EMX/UML2

Import Files



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Displays the name of the currently-selected Package.

If this is not the required Package, click on the Browse package button and select the correct Package.


Click on the Browse. button.

The 'Select Import EMX/UML2 File(s)' dialog displays, from which you can select multiple files.

Select the file or files (use Ctrl+click or Shift+click to select several files) and click on the Open button to return to the 'Import Package from EMX/UML2' dialog.

Selected Files

Lists the selected *.emx/*uml2 files.

Write Log File

Select this checkbox to write a log of the import activity (recommended).

The log file is saved in the directory from which the files are being imported, with the name import.log.


Click on this button to import the *.emx/*uml2 files.


Click on this button to abort the import and close the dialog.


Click on this button to display this Help topic.

Import Progress

Monitor the progress of the import.

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