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Add Review Comments

For any Model Package in the Storage, you can add individual review comments on any aspect of the Package. These comments provide a permanent record on the Package - once they have been saved they cannot be edited or deleted.  Each comment is attributed to the ID of the user who entered it, and is date stamped.

Note that the Review tab is present for a Learning Center Library Storage, Reference Data Library Storage, and Source Code Library Storage; however, the tab and panel are disabled and review comments cannot be entered for these storage types


Open the Reusable Asset Service window using one of the methods outlined here.

Select a Registry, Model Storage and Package, then click on the 'Review' tab to display a list of comments associated with the Package, and a panel for entering further comments.


Publish > Model Exchange > Reusable Assets




See also

Review Existing Comments

If there appears to be a longer comment than can be shown in the 'Review' tab, click on it. The full text displays in the 'Comments' field in the lower panel.

Add a New Comment

Click on the New button and start typing your comment on the Package in the 'Comments' field. You can delete and edit text as you type.

When you have finished writing your comment, click on the Save button. Your comment, preceded by your user ID and the current date, is displayed in the 'Review' panel.

Once you have saved your comment, you cannot edit or delete it.

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