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Move Tests Between Elements

A test you define for one element might be usefully moved to another if, for example, you are moving your model through stages in a lifecycle or, indeed, modeling a lifecycle. It is possible to simply drag a test of any class and type from either the appropriate tab of the Test Cases window or the 'Details' tab of the Inspector window, onto a different element on a diagram.


From the Browser window, open the diagram containing the target element, then click on the element from which to move the tests. It is convenient to have both source and target elements on the same diagram, but it is possible to select the source element in the Browser window or on a different open diagram.

It is also convenient to have compartments enabled on the target element, with the Testing (test scripts) compartment selected, so that you can observe the addition of the moved test. (Right-click on the element and select 'Compartment Visibility', then select the 'Testing' checkbox.)


Start > Application > Design > Browser > Element - expand the 'Testing' category  or

Construct > Test Management > Tests | <Test class>

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+2 | Testing > <test class> tab

Click on the source element on a diagram : T

Move the Test to the Target Element

Click on the test that you intend to move, and simply drag it onto the target element. The test name will display in the 'test scripts' compartment of that element. What you would observe might resemble this illustration.