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Properties Window for Test Items

When the Properties window is open, it displays the properties of the selected object or assigned item, including a Test record for an element. You might select the Test in the Test Cases window, the test scripts compartment of an element on a diagram, or in the 'Details' tab of the Inspector window.

The Properties window identifies the test class of the test just under the toolbar, and shows the current values for the:

  • Test name
  • Test type
  • Run date
  • Result
  • 'Run by' user, and
  • 'Check by' user

You can change the value for each of these fields (except for the 'Test' field), clicking on the drop-down arrow and selecting a new value. For the 'Run by' and 'Check by' fields, you can also start typing in the user name until the autocomplete facility provides the rest of the name.

For the 'Test' field, you can either overtype the test name or click on the Browse. icon and apply any autonaming convention you have configured for test items.

The toolbar options operate on the parent element for the test. Any changes you make are automatically saved and displayed elsewhere when you click off the field.

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