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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Release 15.2 Build 1559

Scroll through these items to review the changes that have been made in Enterprise Architect for this released build.

Where a change has been described or illustrated in the Enterprise Architect User Guide, a link is provided to the appropriate topic.

Integration Plug-Ins (SBPI)

Support has been provided for RESTful API notifications from a client Enterprise Architect to PCS-based Integrations; notification is sent to Custom Integrations when an Enterprise Architect element is linked, unlinked or updated. This requires PCS 4.6 build 65.

See the ISBPIIntegrationPlugin interface Help topic.

Allow Custom Integrations to pass log messages to Enterprise Architect; they will be displayed in the System Output window.

Allow different icons for different menu levels and item types.

See the Custom SBPI Services Help topic.

The Timeout duration when communicating with an Integration Plug-in can now be customized from PCS. This requires PCS 4.6 build 65.

See the Add/Edit Data Provider and WebConfig - Add or Edit an Integration Data Provider Help topics.

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to these changes:

  • When selecting to create a local element using the Trial edition, a pop-up notification will now display to indicate this feature is not available in this edition
  • Handling of unresponsive external providers has been improved
  • The active External Data window will now recognize any modification to Field Mappings for an Integration Plug-in
  • Better messaging has been provided for when no results are returned by an Integration Provider, to help distinguish between failure and a valid result:
         -  When no sub-menu items are returned, a message is displayed in the System Output window
         -  When no results are returned for a menu item, a message is displayed in the External Data window
  • Increased security has been applied to the External Data 'Remember Me' option; note that existing remembered credentials will be lost and must be re-entered
  • The display of different icons in the External Data window is supported for each breadcrumb menu level and for any item type
  • The display of icons on high DPI screens has been corrected
  • The behavior has been corrected when selecting 'All Items Linked to Model' and a time period is not chosen
  • The ability for custom integrations to support threaded discussion has been added; this is also supported now in the Polarion integration
  • Custom Integrations are now listed under their 'Group' as defined in Pro Cloud Server configuration; this requires PCS 4.6 build 65
  • Unicode characters are handled correctly when making queries to External Data Providers
  • Duplicates in the External Data Type Mapping configuration list are now prevented
  • The External Data window breadcrumb menu has been corrected, by removing 'Custom Services'
  • Fixed the crash in CAuthorisationManager


The timeout duration in Enterprise Architect when communicating with a Pro Cloud Server can now be configured from the 'Manage Model Options' dialog.

See the Cloud Page Help topic.

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to these changes:

  • Hovering over a Glossary item will no longer display its meaning with escaped extended ASCII characters
  • Import/Export of CSV data has been updated to correctly handle escaped extended ASCII characters
  • Corrected saving Structured Tagged Values when contained under another level of grouping
  • Corrected a potential application error when a connector is moved to a new Port created via the docked Features window
  • The MagicDraw import has been corrected to prevent a Trigger being lost when using a Change Event on a StateMachine Transition
  • Amazon Web Service icons have now been updated to Release 7
  • The Project Integrity Check now detects Package Baselines that have been set aside during an XMI import and not restored, or where no matching Package exists
  • Corrected a potential integrity issue when restoring a Baseline from a model connected via the PCS when Auditing is enabled
  • The modal 'Features' dialog closes correctly, when opened from the docked Sequence Message window
  • Included a new option 'Copy Selected Rows to Clipboard' when displaying a Package or diagram as a list
  • Corrected the list of Event Types displayed from the docked Project Events window
  • Changing the stereotype for an attribute or operation will now load the defined properties into the docked Properties window
  • Corrected the 'Auto Spell Checking' behavior in Rich Text documents to avoid a potential application error when parsing the Table of Contents
  • Prevented a potential application error when running a Script that includes an extremely long line of code
  • Improved detection of changes to Version Controlled Package files, to prevent unnecessary imports
  • Cached Diagram Images, Image Maps and HTML for Linked Documents will be updated when importing Native XML
  • The display of Linked documents in WebEA and Prolaborate now supports displaying the text background color
  • A Visual Studio Solution import will correctly choose the selected projects when the list is sorted
  • Added support for importing Visual Paradigm diagrams from XMI 2.1
  • Allow saving model-based Add-In scripts when using a Postgres model
  • Multiple improvements to Executable StateMachine Code Generation
         -  Transition Effects will now generate the selected operation with parentheses and a semicolon
         -  Corrected the compile issue for generated C code when an operation is referenced
            in a State's behavior and a Transition's Effect
         -  Removed unhelpful comments in the template for send_event and broadcast_event
  • Improved support when using wine 6.0 or greater