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Release 15.2, Build 1555

Scroll through these sections to review the changes that have been made in Enterprise Architect for this released build.

Where a change has been described or illustrated in the Enterprise Architect User Guide, a link is provided to the appropriate topic.

Element Formal Reviews

These changes have been made to the management of Review elements (Start > Collaborate > Review > Manage Reviews):

  • The Reviews View now includes a 'Priority' column for review topics
  • The Reviews View no longer displays the Review element status and review duration below the element name
  • The 'Set : General Items' label has been changed to 'General' in the Reviews View window
  • Review diagrams are no longer added automatically when a Review element is created
  • The 'Review' tab of the Collaborate window no longer shows the text '0 of 0 Approvers' when no Approvers are defined
  • In the 'Review' tab of the Collaborate window, the 'Create Review Topic' context menu option is now 'Create Review'
  • The properties of the Review element are now displayed in the Properties window

See the Model Reviews Help topic.


  • Members of the 'Administrators' security group can now join any security Chat group and get Chat notifications
    See the Model Chat Help topic
  • In the Discuss & Review window, the context menu in the 'Journal' tab now offers these extra font options for a selected text string:
         -  Set a specific font face
         -  Remove character formatting
         -  Restore the default font to the selected text
  • When operating in local files, the 'Check for Update Every' context menu option on the Discuss & Review window 'Journal' tab now provides the 'Enabled' option to refresh the tab (or, if not selected, not update the tab with new comments)
    See the Discuss & Review - History Window Help topic
  • Collaboration diagrams will now display 'Chat' icons for elements in different Packages
    See the Collaboration Support in Diagrams Help topic

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to these changes:

  • The 'Comments' tab of the Collaborations window does not now reload multiple times when updated
  • On the Collaborations window, the 'Preview' pane for the 'Reviews' tab and the 'Discussions' tab now maintains selection during automatic refresh

External Simulation Integration

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to these changes:

  • Validation of ConstraintBlocks before simulation now allows ConstraintBlocks composed of other ConstraintBlocks
  • Generation for Modelica Simulation now allows generation of initial value for nested properties
  • Generation of a Simulink Simulation now uses the correct name for existing Reference Blocks
  • Simulation updated to ensure that any log messages generated are always displayed

Simulation Solvers

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to this change:

  • The Solver Class is now automatically configured to use MATLAB or Octave under either Wine or Linux


  • Diagram References now provide an easy mechanism to move elements between Packages and diagrams:
         -  By default when you drop an element onto a reference you are now prompted to move
            the element to the Diagram, Package or Both or to create a link on the target diagram
         -  The Diagram Frame context menu allows you to select a different default behavior
    See the Diagram Frame Help topic.
  • The layout of Nested Ports has been improved to:
         -  Ensure that child Ports are always bound to an edge of the parent during a move
         -  Ensure that child Ports will maintain the same edge during a resize or move
    See the Nested Ports in SysML Help topic.
  • Shape Scripts will now print the name of the referenced element when printing a RefGUID Tagged Value
    See the Predefined Structured Types Help topic.

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to these changes:

  • Dropping an Operation from the Browser onto a classified ActivityPartition will now create a CallOperationAction
  • Validation of State Transitions to Terminate nodes has been improved
  • State Transition properties now allow you to change between two Signals with the same name
  • Classifier Selection now allows the  selection of StateMachine and Interaction elements as Classifiers
  • Disabling of Custom compartments for a diagram will now be set correctly
  • Metamodel constraints no longer:
         -  Add Sequence Messages to the suggested Quicklinker items on non-Sequence diagrams
         -  Provide the option of creating a new Lifeline on non-Sequence diagrams
         -  Provide the option of creating a new instance using a non-instance type


  • Kanban lanes can now be marked as 'Not-bound', which means that adding an element to that lane will not change the bound property for that element
  • Default Kanban lanes no longer assign the bound property to the column title
  • Moving an element to a bound Kanban lane now shows a menu allowing you to confirm the change
  • The 'Unbound' option for Kanban lanes has been renamed to 'Bind to Left' to better reflect what the option does
  • Kanban binding can now be set as read-only, which results in an easy overview of the binding without un-intended changes being made

See the Kanban Options Help topic.

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to these changes:

  • The Kanban dialog has been improved:
         -  Keyboard-only navigation and editing is now possible
         -  If changes are made to the Kanban diagram through the Kanban dialog, and
            the dialog is canceled, the diagram is returned to its original state
         -  The dialog no longer marks the diagram as changed when it is opened
         -  The Search filters list control is now consistent with the list controls in other places
  • The Kanban dialog is now available from the Diagram context menu in the Browser window
  • Diagrams bound to a Tagged Value now update the docked Properties window automatically
  • Newly added elements from Kanban search are now sized to include the displayed Tagged Values

XMI Import and Export

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to these changes:

  • XMI Import with Strip GUIDs now keeps synchronization between connector properties and elements.
  • Diagram Images generated during XMI Export will now render Diagram Frames correctly.
  • The Native/XMI import speed for QEAX models has been improved.
  • Import of EMX files including diagrams has been updated to prevent issues.
  • The import of MDZIP files has been improved:
         -  Initial and ShallowHistory PseudoState elements now import correctly instead of becoming a Synchronization
         -  State Regions are now correctly mapped with the contained elements referencing that region
         -  State Transitions are now imported complete with the referenced Trigger and Signal
         -  Association Roles are no longer imported as a Part
         -  RequiredInterface and ProvidedInterface elements on a Port can now be imported
         -  The InterfaceRealization connector can now be imported
         -  Imported SysML and UAFP elements and connectors are correctly linked to Enterprise Architect's Profile


  • Importing User IDs from Windows Active Directory has a new dialog option - 'Allow non-domain users (insecure)'; this allows users outside the domain to be auto-logged on
    See the Import User IDs From Active Directory Help topic
  • JavaScript Simulation now truncates strings that exceed the maximum length of a Trace message
    See the Dynamic Simulation with JavaScript Help topic

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to these changes:

  • Active Directory integration improved:
         -  Importing Active Directory Users now uses 'User Principal Name'
         -  Auto login will now attempt to match both 'User Principal Name' and legacy NetBIOS\SAMUsername formats
  • Changes to Structured Tagged Values made in the Properties window are now saved
  • JavaScript Simulation now handles string values correctly regardless of the case of the type
  • Visibility Levels on SQL Server models no longer cause deadlock during Native XML import and Browser copy and paste
  • The Professional Edition no longer shows menu items for these features, which are disabled in the edition:
         -  Dynamic Charts
         -  JavaScript Console
         -  Custom Drawing Style
         -  Collaborate Links