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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Release 15.2 Build 1560

Scroll through these items to review the changes that have been made in Enterprise Architect for this released build.

Where a change has been described or illustrated in the Enterprise Architect User Guide, a link is provided to the appropriate topic.


  • The XML Import now provides the option to either merge or restore Discussions from XML into the model
    See the Model Options Help topic and the Import from XMI Help topic
  • The Collaboration Chat History now reflects discussions across all Chat groups for users within the 'admin' group, when using the Summary filter
    See the Discuss & Review - History Window Help topic

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to these changes:

  • The UML:Package section in XMI 1.1 will no longer contain the GUIDs of Features that are classified by the Package
  • An Action will no longer lose its Trigger reference when copy-and-pasting in the Browser window
  • A Trigger will no longer lose its Signal reference when copy-and-pasting in the Browser window
  • Elements containing child objects will be correctly copy-and-pasted in the Browser window
  • The Kanban Search will be correctly duplicated when copy-and-pasting a diagram in the Browser window
  • The potential crash when opening multiple Cloud models has been fixed
  • Support for round-tripping  the Diagram Kanban Search via XMI 1.1, XMI 2.1 and Native XML has been added
  • The way Collaboration diagrams interact with a new Chat Msg Notification has been improved, to ensure diagram selection is correctly synchronized
  • A rare scenario has been corrected, where changing the active Chat could result in the loss of newly added text in the docked Notes window
  • Drag and drop has been disabled while writing a new Discussion post, to avoid a potential application error; also:
         -  There is better handling of pasted text in a new Discussion item, to ensure the row height matches the pasted content
         -  When editing large Comments or long Discussion items, the window correctly scrolls when the cursor is moved
  • Reviews, Discussions and Comments in the Collaboration window have been corrected so that they no longer use the external model connection, if defined
  • Scrollbars for the Code Editor will now correctly sync to the position in the document when finding text
  • The 'Usage' dialog is now prevented from potentially showing non-related entries when running 'Find in Diagrams' on an element hyperlink
  • Text will not be stripped when copy/pasting from a Source Code editor to a Document editor
  • Importing the Amazon Web Services Images ( Release 5 ) model pattern over PCS will no longer throw time-out errors
  • The Tagged Values window application error after closing the 'Features' modal dialogs has been resolved
  • In the Scenario Editor, the in-place edit context menu interactions have been corrected
         -  Highlighting of multiple context references in the Scenario Editor Structured Specification has been corrected
         -  Context references now insert into a Scenario step at the selected cursor position
         -  During in-place editing, the user can delete the text of a Scenario Step before inserting a context reference,
            and the deleted text is no longer rolled back in afterwards
  • In the docked Features window, on the 'Interaction Points' tab, the 'Add New' context menu option is enabled after selecting an Instance object
  • Deleting multiple elements from the Browser window in one selection now correctly deletes all child diagrams on those elements