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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Release 15.2 Build 1556

Scroll through these sections to review the changes that have been made in Enterprise Architect for this released build.

There have been no updates to the Help in respect to these changes.


  • Corrected display of the ActionPin property type for CallBehaviorActions
  • Non edge-mounted child elements will now not move further than expected when moving the parent element
  • Setting a 'Structural Feature' in a ReadStructuralFeature action no longer fails in some situations
  • Corrected a display issue for a Call Behavior ActionPin when it represents an ActivityParameter and the Parameter Type is changed
         -  Also prevented overriding the Type directly on the ActionPin in this situation, to conform with the UML 2.5.1 specification


  • Restored the 'Default' Kanban lane behavior so that it updates the property specified in the 'Bind Kanban' field, unless the 'Not-Bound' option is enabled
  • Clicking the Apply button on the Kanban 'Properties' dialog will correctly persist Kanban Search Filters
  • Corrected the Kanban option 'Read-only Bind' to avoid an element moved to a 'Not bound' lane potentially moving back under specific circumstances

User Interface

  • The modal 'Properties' dialog for an attribute will correctly persist changing the type to a classifier with the same name
  • Improved the stability for the modal 'Properties' dialog for an operation when adding Tagged Values to an operation parameter
  • Prevented unintentional scrolling in the docked Properties window when updating values
  • Removed the duplicate 'Concurrency' property from the docked Properties window for an operation
  • The Browser window menu option 'Add as Favorite to' corrected to ensure available groups are consistently displayed
  • Improved the In-place edit behavior in the Tagged Values tabs where certain actions could cause an application error

User Security and Login

  • When using Windows Active Directory groups in the Floating License Server you can now leave the username and password blank in the Keystore configuration screen
         -  Secure Windows authentication will take place automatically
  • The web browser will no longer automatically close after OpenID authentication, to avoid issues experienced across some browsers
  • Support unicode characters in the user information (such as username or group names) returned by the OpenID provider
  • OpenID group claims will now use a case-insensitive match
  • Improved stability when displaying results of an OpenID test
  • Security User login names will now truncate to the database field length rather than a fixed value, to accommodate users extending the field in the Database

External Data Integration

  • Local models using an SBPI connection will now connect to the providers in the Integration window
  • Corrected handling of menu items with special characters


  • Round-trip using XMI 1.1 with DTD no longer reports a validation error
  • Improvements have been made in adjusting variables through the Simulation Console during simulation of an Activity diagram, to avoid potential failures