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Troubleshooting WebEA

If WebEA users experience a problem, an error message will be displayed on the screen. This topic provides a list of common WebEA error messages that could occur. Each entry describes the situation that has occurred and provides guidance on how to correct the error.

WebEA Configuration Test

On initial set up, these steps can be performed to help identify configuration issues:



See also


On the Web Server machine, open a web browser and test access to the WebEA login page. For example, type:


If this fails, check that the Web Server has been set up as described in the WebEA Installation and Configuration Help topic.

WebEA Installation and Configuration


On a client machine test access to the WebEA login page. For example, type:

http://<server name>/webea/login.php

If this fails, there is a network/communication issue between the client and the web server.


Before attempting to access a model via WebEA, confirm you can successfully open the model using Enterprise Architect's 'Connect to Cloud' option.

If this fails, refer to the Pro Cloud Server Troubleshooting Help topic.

PCS Troubleshooting Connecting Enterprise Architect to a Cloud Model


In the webea_config.ini file, add a model connection with the minimum required options, as outlined here. Ensure these match the settings used when connecting via Enterprise Architect. Note, the 'sscs_db_alias' should match the value entered in the 'Model Name' field.

sscs_protocol = "<Protocol>"

sscs_server = "<Server Name or IP address>"

sscs_port = "<Port>"

sscs_db_alias = "<Model Name>"

auth_code = "" ;leave this empty

If the Project has Enterprise Architect User Security enabled then also include:

login_prompt = "true"

If the Protocol being used is HTTPS then also include:

sscs_use_ssl = "true"

If you are using HTTPS with a Self-signed certificate then also include:

sscs_enforce_certs = "false"

Configure WebEA models - via Text Editor


Try accessing the model in WebEA. If this fails, the error returned by the WebEA login screen might help identify the cause of the issue.

WebEA Error Messages



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Server could not be found

Server could not be found on the network!

This error usually occurs when WebEA does not receive any kind of response from the specified server name (or IP number).

Possible reasons:

  • The server is turned off
  • The server is behind a firewall and WebEA is unable to make a connection to it

Connection refused

There was no response from the server, check that Pro Cloud Server is running!

Possible reasons:

  • Pro Cloud Server is not installed
  • Pro Cloud Server is not running
  • Pro Cloud Server is not listening on the expected Port
  • The Pro Cloud Server has IP addresses defined in the Client Whitelist but the WebEA server IP is not included; see the Access Control Help topic for details
Access Control

OSLC not supported

The server port is not configured to support OSLC.

Possible reasons:

  • WebEA communicates with Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server via OSLC, but the defined Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server has been configured to not allow OSLC requests for this Port

Using the Pro Cloud Server Configuration Client, check the configuration for the Port that you are using to access this model. Ensure the 'OSLC Supported' option is enabled.

Port Configuration

Protocol Mismatch

Protocol and Port mismatch. Check that the correct protocol and port have been configured.

Possible reasons:

  • There is a mismatch between the connection settings; for example, 'sscs_use_ssl' has been set to "true" but a protocol of HTTP was specified

Connection timed out

Request Error: Connection timed out after 5001 milliseconds.

Possible reasons:

  • Invalid Pro Cloud Server settings (sscs_*), WebEA cannot connect to the defined server/Port
  • Apache/PHP web server requires a proxy server to reach the Pro Cloud Server machine and the proxy settings defined in the .config file are incorrect or invalid

Failed to Connect

Request Error: Failed to connect to port yy: Connection refused

Possible reasons:

  • The 'sscs_port' option in the webea_config.ini file does not match the Port setting in your Pro Cloud Server configuration file (SSProCloud.config); make them the same

Note that, if the Pro Cloud Server is being re-directed via IIS, you must ensure this matches the IIS Port used for the Pro Cloud Server.

The selected model is not defined

The selected model is not defined in the Pro Cloud Server.

Possible reasons:

  • The 'sscs_db_alias' option in the webea_config.ini file does not correspond to the 'Database Alias' defined in Add Database Manager; correct the values so that they do correspond
  • The SSProCloud.config file has a DEFAULT_MODEL defined; we recommend removing this line from the SSProCloud.config file - see the Add a Port Definition Help topic for details
Add Database Manager - ODBC

Model is Shutdown

The selected model is shutdown.

Possible reasons:

  • The Cloud Server Model connection that you are attempting to access is not enabled

Using the Pro Cloud Server Configuration Client, check that the Database Manager is set to 'Enabled'.

Pro Cloud Server Configuration Client - Application

Secure connection is required

A secure connection is required for the selected model.

This message indicates that the 'Require a secure and authenticated connection' option is enabled for this Model Connection/Database Manager.

To access this model via WebEA you must use the HTTPS protocol. You must also use a Port that has 'Require SSL' enabled, and has the 'Authentication' option set to either 'Model' or 'Global'.

Configure Database Manager Port Configuration

SSL Error

Error: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

This error suggests you using an SSL certificate which was signed with your own Certificate Authority (CA), however PHP/cURL have not been configured to trust the CA.

Update your PHP/cURL configuration to trust your CA. See the Configuring WebEA to Trust Your Own Certificate Authority Help topic for details.

Configuring WebEA to Trust Your Own Certificate Authority (CA)

Self signed certificate error

Request Error: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate

This error suggests you are attempting an HTTPS connection with SSL using a self-signed certificate; however, WebEA has not been configured to allow self-signed certificates.

Possible Reasons:

  • The webea_config.ini file does not include 'sscs_enforce_certs = "false"' for this model; try adding this, then attempt to access the model again

Unable to access secure session cookie

Unable to access secure session cookie

This error indicates that PHP is configured to use secure cookies only (session.cookie_secure = true).

Check the URL you are using to access WebEA. In this case the WebEA site should be accessed via HTTPS.

Model has not been specified

This error can occur if WebEA is unable to set or read PHP session variables.

Check you PHP configuration and confirm that session variables are supported.

Missing User Authentication Identifier

40x - Missing User Authentication Identifier

There was a problem authenticating the user in the repository.

Possible Reasons:

  • Incorrect user authentication configuration in the repository
  • Using an old or mismatched version of WebEA with Pro Cloud Server

No credentials provided

400 - User Security is enabled, however no credentials were provided.

Possible Reasons:

  • The Project has Enterprise Architect user security enabled; however, WebEA is not configured to either show a login prompt or automatically login with specific credentials

Check that the webea_config.ini contains:

     login_prompt = "true"

Or, all of these:

     login_prompt = "false"

     sscs_model_user = "<user id>"

     sscs_model_pwd = "<password>"

Incorrect login details

The specified login details were not valid for the current model!

Possible reasons:

  • The supplied user ID and password combination did not match any user credentials defined in the model
Model Security

Denied user login: User Limit Reached

Pro Cloud Server denied user login: WebEA user Limit Reached   or  

Pro Cloud Server denied user login: Prolaborate user Limit Reached   or 

Pro Cloud Server denied user login: 3rd Party user Limit Reached

When using a ProCloud Server with token license(s) once all tokens have been consumed, any further user request to logon will receive the 'user limit reached' error message.

Possible Reasons:

  • There are more users than available Pro Cloud Server Token Licenses.
  • Users that have previously logged in have not logged out and their sessions are yet to expire, so their token(s) are consumed but not currently used.
  • A single physical user has multiple sessions (multiple browsers) open, each consuming a token.

Note: due to the stateless natural of web based requests, once a user 'logs in' a token is allocated for 30 minutes or until the user logs out.

When using token licensing it is important to stress to your user base that they need to log out of WebEA once they are finished so other users are not impacted by a lack of licenses.

Incorrect Access Code

The entered access code is incorrect!

Possible reasons:

  • This model has been configured (in the webea_config.ini file) to require an access code for WebEA access; the access code that was entered is incorrect

Check the webea_config.ini file for the correct access code / "auth_code".

How to configure WebEA models

Problem reading the model root

Problem reading the model root.

Possible reasons:

  • The WebEA options for the current model do not match a Pro Cloud Server configuration
  • You are attempting to access a DBMS repository that has not had a Project transferred into it; see Step 4 in the Server Based Repositories Help topic
Server Based Repositories

No response when selecting an Object

After WebEA loads the initial page (the model root or default diagram), there is no response to selecting objects.

Possible reasons:

  • Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled; re-enable it
  • The cURL PHP module/extension is not installed and enabled on the server; install/enable cURL on your web server
  • The PHP version is wrong; it must be greater than PHP 5.0 with all extensions supported

An unexpected response was received

An unexpected response was received, check the Pro Cloud Server configuration!

This error normally occurs while attempting to log in or connect to a model from the initial page. The error message will display whenever the response from the configured Pro Cloud Server does not return the expected XML message.

Check that the defined Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server details, such as server name and Port, are correct and not those of a web server.

Diagram image not found

Diagram image not found.

This error indicates that the diagram exists in the model, but the image of the diagram has not been generated.

Possible reasons:

  • The model does not have the 'Auto create Diagram Image and Image Map' option enabled in model-specific options. See the Cloud Page Help topic.
  • The diagram was created in Enterprise Architect, but has not yet been saved
  • The user is on an old version (prior to build 1350) of Enterprise Architect and the Worker application is not running for this model (it has not been configured, it is not currently running, or has not run since the diagram was saved)

Open the model in  Enterprise Architect (build 1350 or later), enabled the 'Data Cache' options, and click on the 'Create' button as described in the 'Model Configuration' section of the 'WebEA Installation and Configuration' topic.

Alternatively, ensure that the Worker application is running for this model. See the How to configure automatic viewable components Help topic for details.

How to configure automatic viewable components WebEA Installation and Configuration Cloud Page

The selected database does not have Pro Features enabled

The selected database does not have Pro Features enabled.

This error normally occurs if the selected model does not have 'Pro Features' enabled.

Possible reasons:

  • In the Pro Cloud Server Configuration Client, the Database Manager for this model does not have the 'Enable Pro Features (OSLC, WebEA and Integration)' option enabled
  • The Pro Cloud Server's license has expired and the server is now operating as the free, core edition of the Pro Cloud Server
  • The License key entered is invalid and the Pro Cloud Server is operating as the core edition
  • The database manager has an 'OSLC Access Code' assigned, but this has not been provided in the webea_config.ini file

Using the Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server Configuration Client, check the Database Manager configuration. Ensure that the 'Enable Pro Features (OSLC, WebEA and Integration)' option is enabled.

If an 'OSLC Access Code' has been assigned, ensure the 'sscs_access_code' option has been set in the webea_config.ini file.

Configure Database Manager Configure WebEA models - via Text Editor

Resource not found

404 - Resource with identifier '{XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX}' could not be found

The item (element, Package or diagram) with this GUID could not be found in the current model.

Possible Reasons:

  • The item has been deleted from the model

To confirm that the item has been deleted, check the parent Package (or parent element) in WebEA.

If the error occurred when selecting an item on a diagram, the diagram image might have to be regenerated.

Version Mismatch

Warning - WebEA / OSLC Version mismatch

Each release of the Pro Cloud Server includes an OSLC component and the WebEA component (php files). If you are using the OSLC component from one release and the WebEA component from another, then WebEA might not function as intended.

Possible Reasons:

  • A new version of the Pro Cloud Server was installed; however, the new version of WebEA was not copied to the Web Server

When updating the Pro Cloud Server to a newer version, ensure that WebEA is also updated. That is, after performing the installation of the Pro Cloud Server, copy the new WebEA files from the Pro Cloud Server installation to the relevant location on your web server.

Updating WebEA to a New Version

Basic login fields not shown

The basic login fields will not be visible when attempting to log in to a model under these circumstances:

  • The webea_config.ini has 'sscs_model_user' defined
  • The model has the user option 'Restrict access to Windows & OpenID users only' enabled
Single Sign-On (SSO) Options

Failed to start PHP session

Error: Failed to start PHP session

WebEA makes use of PHP Sessions. This error indicates that PHP is not able to write to the session 'save_path'. This could be because the path does not exist, or the user which runs PHP does not have write permissions for the folder.

This error message also includes information regarding the save path location, whether the path is writable, and the user name/id which PHP is running as. Ensure that the folder exists, and that the PHP user has write permissions. If necessary the session.save_path setting can be changed via the php.ini file (then restarting your web server).

Problems loading pages



See also

No response when clicking on diagram elements

When clicking on an element on a diagram nothing happens.

Possible reason:

  • The element properties are being loaded in the Properties View; however, the Properties View is automatically hidden due to a narrow screen/browser width (less than 800px)

From the hamburger menu at the top right of WebEA, select 'Properties' to turn off the Properties View.

Pages don't load correctly

After the server has been updated to a new version of WebEA, clients experience problems with pages loading incorrectly.

Possible reason:

  • The user's browser is using a cached version of WebEA's client side files, which is causing unpredictable results
    The solution is to clear the browser cache, to force the browser to download the latest version of the application files from the server; the process for clearing the cache is different for each browser/device - consult the user manual for your browser

Login page in Internet Explorer

The 'Login' page is not drawn correctly and appears different to other browsers; that is, the selection boxes next to each model name are not square.

All login attempts to models with authentication fail, saying 'No model selected!'

Possible reasons:

  • IE is running in 'Compatibility View' mode, which does not support HTML5 and CSS3; turn off 'Compatibility View' at least for the server hosting WebEA

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