UML Profile for SPEM

The Software Process Engineering Metamodel Specification is a UML extension mechanism used to describe a concrete software development process or a family of related software development processes.

The SPEM specification is available from the OMG Specifications Catalog.

Example usage of the SPEM Profile in Enterprise Architect


Example SPEM Use Case Diagram

Showing a single SPEM process - the "Information System Delivery Process".



Another example use case diagram showing the contents of the above process, which includes two SPEM Phases. Both phases include several WorkDefinitions



Another example use case diagram showing the contents of the WorkDefinition above - "First Joint JRP Workshop". The example WorkDefinition contains several SPEM Activities, performed by several SPEM ProcessRoles


Example SPEM Activity Diagram

Showing the associations between a SPEM Activity - "Define Owner Requirements", a ProcessRole and several WorkProducts. The WorkProducts are a set of input and output SPEM Parameters (ActivityParameter). In this case the activity uses the "EnterpriseArchitecture" and "Assessment of Current System" WorkProducts to produce the "Owner Requirements" WorkProduct.


Example SPEM Statechart

Showing the SPEM Steps in the above SPEM Activity - "Define Owner Requirements".