Writing Transformations - Converting Names

Different target platforms may use different naming conventions, as a result you may not want to directly copy the names of your elements directly into the transformed models. To facilitate this need EA's transformation templates provide a CONVERT_NAME function macro.

CONVERT NAME(<originalName>,<originalFormat>,<targetFormat>)
Will convert <originalName>, which is assumed to be in <orginalFormat> to <targetFormat>.

The supported formats are:

  • Camel Case: New words start with a capitalised letter. The first letter of the first word is lower case.
  • Pascal Case: Same as camel case but the first letter of the first word is upper case.
  • Spaced: Words are separated by spaces.
  • Underscored: Words are separated by underscores and assumed to be lower case.

Note: Acronyms are not supported when converting from camel case or pascal case.