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Viewing Models on Mobile Devices

The modern workplace has changed significantly in recent years, with organizations encouraging flexibility in the form of hot desks and working from a home office, leading to more and more people working on portable devices. Also, the pace of change in our modern world increases every year, being driven by innovation and disruption - for example, a pandemic affecting every country in which suppliers, customers or colleagues are based, requiring people to be absent from offices everywhere, and unable to travel to consult or deliver expertise directly. . Strategists, Technologists and Engineers need to collaborate to achieve engineering outcomes and in a dispersed workforce this typically means they need to contribute to models from mobile devices, both while on the move and under restricted isolation.

Enterprise Architect repository content can be viewed in real-time through a browser on a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone. This allows engineers, managers and others to collaborate while they are between meetings, at offsite inspections, on public transport or anywhere they happen to be. Never before has this been possible, and now the velocity of a project does not need to be slowed while waiting for reviews or for people to return to the office; the models can be updated at Internet speed from anywhere. For more information see the Cloud Based Repositories Help topic.