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A powerful collaboration platform for all stakeholder roles with Enterprise Architect

"Enterprise Architect is a very powerfull collaboration platform to leverage maximum performance of every role within major corporate projects. Utilising Unified Modeling Language 2.5 and engineered to facilitate detailed communication between all team members, Enterprise Architect is a crucial element of any successfully completed project."

Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect is not like other UML modeling tools. The Sparx annual subscription system means your project will always have access to the latest technologies, and your software will not become quickly outdated or limit you to old technology and clunky processing, or require the purchase of additional components and Add-Ins. Enterprise Architect provides you with an entire UML 2 modeling studio facilitating the project's every step, from Requirements Gathering right through to testing and implementation.

Enterprise Architect performs a number of tasks which may be suited to a variety of professions. Depending on your role within a project, the way you use Enterprise Architect will vary. This section describes some common working practices with Enterprise Architect for a range of project roles. There are tools for Business Analysts, Software Developers, Software Architects, Software Engineers, Project Managers, Support Personnel, Testers, Database Administrators, Deployment and Rollout, and Technology developers.

Use the following links to explore how Enterprise Architect can assist you in carrying out your role within a model driven project: