Sparx Systems Newsletter - February 2009

Enterprise Architect 7.5 beta 1 - now available

Sparx Systems proudly announces the Beta 1 release of Enterprise Architect 7.5. This release includes a huge number of new features, enhancements and performance boosters. In addition, three new Enterprise Architect editions featuring advanced code generation from executable UML models, bundled tools and technology frameworks provide a powerful, cost-effective solution for advanced business, systems and software development.

From its new user interface styles, diagram rendering, scripting and slideshow support to the powerful behavioral code generation engine built into the new editions of Enterprise Architect, Version 7.5 demonstrates Sparx Systems' commitment to delivering the ultimate modeling and development tool at an unmatched price point. Registered users can download the new beta now and see how Enterprise Architect 7.5 is the ultimate, cross domain modeling tool for the whole team, strategically linking business, IT and systems into a coherent enterprise-wide model.

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Important Note: New and Renewed Enterprise Architect licenses provide 12 months access (from date of purchase) to upgrades such as Version 7.5 at no additional charge. This means you can renew your current license(s) or purchase new licenses of Enterprise Architect 7.1 today, confident that you will enjoy a free upgrade to Version 7.5 when it is released.


Release Highlights - Version 7.5, Beta 1

New User Experiences

  • New diagram rendering engine for smooth, crisp detail
  • New visual layout styles make Enterprise Architect look the way you want
  • New built in scripting engines to automate tasks and bring your models to life
  • New diagram layout commands to arrange and manage your complex diagrams
  • New code editor with intellisense, intelligent indenting and improved syntax highlighting
  • New element list with drag drop categories for easy management of elements
  • New quick Access buttons support in-diagram access to common formatting options and more
  • New status bar zoom control to fine tune global diagram size
  • New support for recent discussion in the Model Views window keeps you in touch with other modelers
  • New debugging and profile windows plus powerful new commands to help you explore, map and visualize your executing code.
  • And many more enhancements make Enterprise Architect the premier modeling and development environment

New Tools and Technologies

  • Strategic Modeling technologies for Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecard, Value Chain, Org Charts and more
  • Archimate, SPEM and Business Rules technologies
  • Link connectors to internal element features such as methods or attributes
  • Support for patterns in the UML Toolbox
  • New Slideshow capability supports automated or manual presentations
  • Hide the base UML technology to focus on your particular domain

New Performance Gains

  • Lazy Loading support greatly reduces time to open large models, especially over WAN links
  • WAN Optimizer significantly reduces network traffic and data transfer to speed up models accessed over a WAN
  • Improved support under WINE/CrossOver Office. Faster more efficient startup and use
  • Version control, auditing and locking enhancements reduce delays when working with very large models

3 New Enterprise Architect Editions!

All Editions feature

  • New executable code generation from UML models
  • Bundled tools to integrate developers with their favorite IDE
  • Bundled frameworks for modelers and architects to structure and organize their models
  • New tools for business, systems and IT

Business and Software Engineering

  • For general business software, business processing, rules based systems, SOA and similar domains
  • BPEL generation from BPMN 1.1 models
  • Rules composer and code generation of executable rules in standard coding languages
  • Bundled MDG tools for developers and architects

Systems Engineering

  • For systems software, real-time, embedded, scientific and similar domains
  • Targets behavioral code generation for additional code and hardware description languages
  • Advanced SysML support
  • Bundled MDG Tools for developers and architects

Ultimate Edition

  • Everything in one edition!


Model Driven Generation (MDG) Updates

Eclipse MDG Integration - Version 4, Beta 1

The new version of Eclipse Integration supports C++, Carbide.C++, lazy load and more. It is now available to registered users.

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Visual Studio MDG Integration - Version 4, Beta 1

This new release includes significant interoperability enhancements for Microsoft's Team Foundation Server and is now available to registered users.

For more information please visit: