Sparx Systems Newsletter - March 2010

Enterprise Architect 8 beta 2 – now available

Sparx Systems invites you to preview its next generation modeling tool.
Download the pre-release and find out how the hundreds of new features, updates and performance upgrades are destined to enrich and accelerate your modeling and development process.

Enterprise Architect 8 provides a powerful modeling and design experience with an unprecedented capability for rapid and accurate development, quality assurance, dynamic model review and much more. Powerful new tools such as the Structured Scenario Editor and the Dynamic Visual Filter enhance the modeling experience, to help you produce superior models that can drive downstream development. As a registered user, you can see how it is possible to take advantage of new tools, strong standards compliance and even greater interoperability by checking out the Beta release today.

Below is a short list of some of the new features and upgrades in this Beta release of Enterprise Architect Version 8; but to experience ALL the changes and updates, download your copy and discover for yourself !

Enterprise Architect 8 is BETA software and should not be used in a production environment, or with production models.

(a full list of all changes and updates is available here, you may also wish to have a look at our newly created Sparx Systems Community Site for the latest in community activities)

Release Highlights - Version 8, Beta 2

Performance upgrades ... work faster and easily manage very large models

  • Faster start up times
  • Faster processing of XMI, Baselines and other XML data
  • 'On Demand' load of EAP files - reducing load times for very large models
  • Improved repository performance using new index packs
  • Internal Query and Index enhancements for models having millions of rows
  • Reduce cross dependencies in Lazy Load models for faster processing
  • Many other scalability and performance enhancements for the best Enterprise Architect experience yet!

Structured Scenarios ... speed Use Case and requirements development
  • Comprehensive interface for designing highly structured Use Case scenarios
  • Step editor for defining logical steps
  • Link Exceptions and Alternate paths to single scenario steps
  • Link Requirements and other elements to steps
  • Generate a wide range of diagrams (activity, state, scenario, robustness)
  • Generate comprehensive Test scripts to ensure complete coverage of each scenario
  • Rapidly and effectively move from requirements to solution

Workspace Layouts ... matching your tool-set to the task at hand

  • Quick access to the right tools at the right time
  • Predefined, role based layouts supplied
  • Ability to define and manage any number of personal layouts
  • Quickly move between layouts to speed development "in context"
  • New toolbar with handy pull down menu
  • Custom layouts and system layouts instantly available via a drop down menu

Glossary Tooltips ... keep the team up to date with specific terms

  • Show Tooltips for defined glossary items within notes and scenario step windows
  • Define Glossary items in notes windows
  • Ensure terms are well defined and understood by all team members
  • Ensure customers and new users understand project specific definitions
  • Glossary term auto-completion reduces typing

Spell Checking ... improve document quality

  • Spell checking in Notes and RTF windows now enabled "on demand"
  • Highlighting of incorrect or unknown words
  • Ensure high quality textual content and reduce errors

Team Reviews ... share and comment on models

  • Collaborative hub for posting and responding to team reviews
  • Capture shared resources such as model packages and diagram images
  • Connect to a single shared Team Repository
  • Share comments and assets across multiple projects

Diagram Filters ... quickly highlight or suppress diagram elements

  • New ability to selectively "gray out" or "hide" diagram content
  • Based on simple queries against element details
  • Combine queries to rapidly focus on items of interest
  • Provide views based on version, phase or any other element property
  • Easily compare "As-Is" and "To-Be" architectures at a glance

General User Interface ... a cleaner, fresher experience

  • New "Add-ins" docked window supports 3rd party extension windows
  • New Visual Styles - make Enterprise Architect "personal"
  • Clean-up of many docked windows to reduce "noise" and provide a fresh look
  • Numerous enhancements to the Element List
  • GoF Patterns now accessible from the UML Toolbox
  • Significant usability and visual improvements to the start page
  • Easy access to the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site
  • Cleaner and more open appearance for docked windows
  • Rapidly switch between interfaces that cater for different roles

Execution Analyzer ... pry into the inner workings of your applications

  • New Profiler capability to sample performance of native windows applications
  • Numerous improvements to the debugging and analysis engine
  • Numerous improvements to the management of scripts, breakpoints and data collection
  • Native Windows Call stack significantly improved with greater detail
  • Understand and debug your code faster

Linux and Mac support via WINE and Crossover Office ... better cross platform support

  • NEW - support for Debug and Profile of Windows native applications
  • Many speed and performance enhancements to streamline EA under WINE
  • Many bug fixes and improvements to the overall WINE/EA experience
  • (Some platform dependent configuration is required)

Traceability Window ... ensure full traceability

  • Enhanced to support "on demand" loading of content
  • Faster access to relevant information

Code Editing & Engineering ... create code with greater ease and flexibility

  • Intellisense significantly upgraded
  • Glossary term auto-completion
  • Powerful new code group templates (Normal, Project and Workflow)
  • New workflow scripting capabilities
  • Syntax highlighting support for VBScript and Jscript
  • Source code editor performance and display significantly enhanced

Search Capability ... quickly locate items of interest

  • A 'Search For...' context menu item added to all text edit controls
  • Instant access to files and project elements
  • Access help documentation and reference material without leaving the modeling environment

Standards ... greater standards compliance and support for UPDM

  • Support for UPDM, TOGAF and MODAF
  • Enhanced interoperability
  • XMI 1.1 and XMI 2.1 significantly enhanced
  • EMX and WSDL importer updated

Business Rules Engineering ... powerful tools for the creation and management of business rules

  • Numerous usability improvements to the Rule Composer
  • Code generation improved
  • Rule Composer now viewable in Lite Edition

RTF & HTML ... better web and text based documentation

  • Improved memory usage for large projects
  • Additional fields including #BEHAVIOUR# and #CSS#
  • Section Tree improvements
  • Improved display of bulleted lists and empty diagram elements
  • Numerous template and document editor improvements

License Management ... streamlined license management

  • Serial and controlled access to a network based Key Store
  • Improved logging and reporting of key usage events
  • Manage existing file or new service based Key Store

Automation ... better version control and improved functionality

  • Numerous broadcast events added
  • Significantly enhanced version control functions
  • New docked window containing windows via Repository.AddWindow method

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