Sparx Systems Newsletter – November 2012

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 10 (beta) Now Available

Sparx Systems is proud to make available this beta release of the upcoming Enterprise Architect 10. Version 10 is a significant milestone with hundreds of enhancements, new features, refinements and capabilities all designed to extend the modeling power, ease of use and standards compliance Enterprise Architect has championed over the last decade.

We encourage you to take a look at the beta pages and discover for yourself how Enterprise Architect 10 will revitalize and empower your models, designs, software, systems and business processes.

Full information and download details for Enterprise Architect 10 (beta) can be found at:

Messages and Information from our Partners

BEASI 1.0 for Sparx Enterprise Architect gets you past the EA set-up process

BEASI v.1.0 works as an integration of a tool (Sparx Enterprise Architecture), a method (TOGAF ADM) and a notation (ArchiMate 2.0). The integration of these global standards results in a smooth and cost effective EA process, where everyone works with the same template and everything can be recycled and shared with others.

When you open�Sparx Enterprise Architect with�BEASI�v.1.0 you are presented with pre-configured ADM�structure, with the�most common EA questions clearly�laid out in each phase ready to be answered.�BEASI has all the�ArchiMate 2.0 viewpoints defined independently with the appropriate elements in the Toolbox toolbar. Each question has a defined�viewpoint with the�correct and relevant entities available for you to model with.

BEASI v.1.0 is currently available as a 1 year license or a 30 days free trial.

Integrate Enterprise Architect with MS Office to transform how you work.

Research at conferences in Europe and USA in autumn 2012 has confirmed that most analysts and architects struggle to maintain a single version of the truth for their projects. However, the new eaDocX Corporate Edition makes it simple to combine all the rich information in Enterprise Architect with the power and ease of use of Word and Excel, taking the struggle out of communication.

eaDocX seamlessly moves data between Enterprise Architect and Excel, making it simple to export, update and import all your information. It also creates and updates business ready Word documents � all the content and formats you need, versions and more, all stored in your model. Just add your logo!

For research results and a free 30-day trial, visit and discover document excellence for yourself.

Database Modeling Accelerator 'DBMode'

Sparx Systems Japan releases a new Add-in, 'DBMode', for Database modeling. DBMode accelerates database modeling on Enterprise Architect by its various features.

For details, visit the DBMode website:

New Enterprise Architect RTF Document Workshop from Hippo Software

Hippo Software introduces an Enterprise Architect workshop that teaches delegates how to confidently use the RTF editor to create RTF templates that extract documentation from models held in Enterprise Architect. Delegates learn how to select and order content and define the format and layout of generated documents.

  • Day 1 � Learn theory and apply it to a worked example based on a use case requirements specification
  • Day 2 � Trainer guided session to apply your new skills to create your own company templates (optional)

Quote HIPPO-EA-X2012 to obtain a 10% discount on any Hippo Software Enterprise Architect training course booked before 31st December 2012.

For more details visit:

EnArWeb�web access�for you Enterprise Architect�repositories

Use the power of a customizable Web�Front-end�to provide the proper information for dedicated user groups in a way they like to work with. This will bring together your modeler with the business owner and even your customer. Use the power of the scalable, database-based model repository to fulfil the promise of a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tool Chain and model based development also beyond pure system and software experts� use it from the beginning of the very first idea of your projects. �Customizable views fulfil the needs of each involved role and enable everybody involved in a project to participate in the workflow around an EA model.

Feel free to contact us for a demo account or to schedule a Web meeting.

Contact:[email protected]

Take Control of Your Modeling Environment with the Framework & Model Management System

FMS/EA provides the tools to maintain your frameworks and models. It has a Framework Editor for managing your frameworks and a Model Editor that keeps your models in sync with the frameworks. The Framework Editor�s screens simplify the process of creating a hierarchy of Object and Connector Types along with their Tags, Relationships and Quicklinks, and then placing them in Toolboxes. It automatically generates SQL views that can be used within Enterprise Architect for model searches, with the RTF report writer, and with SQL report writers. The Model Editor updates your models with any changes made to your frameworks. It even eases the task of synchronizing existing models with new frameworks and reports on framework infractions within your models. Start with a new framework or get a pre-defined one from OAD. Either way, you can take full control to make it the best it can be for you.


Sparx Systems Central Europe German Roadshow

Sparx Systems Central Europe is running its first Roadshow, Munich has just been added to the tour locations. The Roadshow will focus on the new features of Enterprise Architect 10.


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