Enterprise Architect Newsletter: January 2006

Enterprise Architect 6.1 – it's all about Productivity!

This month sees the release of Enterprise Architect 6.1 and MDG Integration for Visual Studio® 2005. In addition to many refinements and improvements, these products provide great new productivity boosters. The context-sensitive “Quick Linker” in EA 6.1 in particular can keep you productive – and provide just the right amount of assistance when it is most needed.

- Kick start your models with new Model Patterns

- Create and build diagrams in a fraction of the time using the new intelligent Quick Linker!

- Easily build ‘correct’ models with context sensitive “in-place” element linking and creation

- New rich text document templates help create your repository-managed documents

- Visualize and explore running multi-threaded applications with the updated Debug facility

- New support for debugging and visualizing Microsoft® .NET 2.0

- Automatically generate enhanced sequence diagrams from running .NET and Java code

- Visualize your C++ .NET code with the latest Managed Extensions for C++

- Use BPMN to model your business process. Integrates with the Quick Linker and Model Validator

Download the free trial now at: https://sparxsystems.com/products/trial/request.html

Download BPMN for EA 6.1 at: https://sparxsystems.com/products/mdg_bpmn.html

MDG Integration for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 – Official Release

In conjunction with the release of Enterprise Architect 6.1, Sparx Systems announces the official release of MDG Integration for Visual Studio 2005. Sparx now provides the .NET community with comprehensive integration of UML® 2.0 and advanced modeling features directly in the Visual Studio 2005 IDE. We have received valuable feedback during the beta period to perfect this release. Many thanks to all of our beta users!

Extend your development environment

- Integrate UML 2.0 into your Visual Studio 2005 development

- Explore, generate, navigate and work with UML 2.0 models directly in Visual Studio 2005

- Get fast and immediate access to UML 2.0 development, MDA and more

- Visualize and explore your code

- Create and edit all UML 2.0 artifacts directly in Visual Studio 2005

- Experience a completely new way of working with UML and .NET

Download now at: https://sparxsystems.com/products/mdg/int/vs/index.html

See how Sparx Systems can revolutionize your development process and deliver on the promise of Model Driven Generation

Trial Users; https://sparxsystems.com/products/trial/request.html

Registered Users: https://sparxsystems.com/registered/index.html

Release Notes: https://sparxsystems.com/products/ea/history.html

Home Page: https://sparxsystems.com

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