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Enterprise Architect 13.0 Beta

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Introducing Enterprise Architect 13.0 Beta

With the modeling strength and flexibility of UML 2.5, combined with a rich toolset, Enterprise Architect 13 Beta is a model driven team-based lifecycle platform like no other.

The release of Enterprise Architect 13 includes hundreds of new enhancements and technologies for coding, database development, reporting, simulation and much more.

Tools for your most ambitious project:

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Ribbon Interface:

Visually consistent modern icons for a clean look and feel. Access productivity and project management searches, charting, diagram filters and accelerators.

Searches and Charts:

Enterprise Architect 13 includes a whole host of new searches to help you manage and construct your models.

Diagram Filtering:

Diagram Filters modify the display of a diagram to highlight relevant items without damaging the underlying structure or integrity of the model.

Time Aware Modeling:

Time Aware models allow you to see the migration of a model over different iterations, and create new iterations of model elements and diagrams easily.

Project Management using Kanban:

New Kanban Profile with Model Patterns, Element Types and Drawing Styles.

SysML Simulation with OpenModelica:

Simulate and graph SysML parametric models via the OpenModelica integration.

Improved Interoperability, Integration and Standards Support:

Enterprise Architect 13.0 Beta has been furnished with hundreds of significant improvements - visit the Beta release page for more details.

Visit Release Page Registered Download Free 30 Day Trial Purchase Now

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