Enterprise Architect Newsletter: September 2006

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 6.5 Released

Sparx Systems (www.sparxsystems.com) releases version 6.5 of Enterprise Architect. A major update, this release includes many new features and improvements. See below for all the details.


  • MDG Technology - Beta Releases: SysML, BPMN, Visio Importer and others…
  • Upcoming Events
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Reseller, Consulting and Training Offerings

New Release! Enterprise Architect 6.5 - Now Available

Sparx Systems is pleased to announce that version 6.5 of Enterprise Architect is now available! Version 6.5 delivers a wealth of new features to make you even more productive. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The new HTML generator makes it easy to keep clients and stakeholders on the same page with a navigable model hierarchy
  • Support for the latest UML 2.1 extensions allow you take full advantage of the expressive power of UML
  • XMI 2.1 import and export has been added, so you exchange model information using the latest industry standard interchange format
  • The new Pan & Zoom window provides a useful diagram overview and an easy way to navigate complex diagrams
  • An Object Workbench facility allows Java and .NET developers to create instances of their model objects and probe their functionality by invoking methods at will.

For a full list of the new Enterprise Architect 6.5 features see:


Enterprise Architect, version 6.5 is available immediately for purchase from the Sparx website at:

Trial users can download a FREE evaluation of Enterprise Architect from:

Customers with a current maintenance subscription can download Version 6.5 from the registered users site:


MDG Technology - Beta Releases: SysML, BPMN, Visio Importer and others…

Sparx Systems recently made available to registered users a range of MDG beta products that facilitate domain specific modeling and integration with 3 rd party tools. Sparx has released the following beta products:

  • MDG Technology for SysML
  • MDG Technology for BPMN Version 1.2
  • MDG Integration for Visual Studio 2005 Version 2.0
  • MDG Link for Doors
  • MDG Link for Visio Beta

Registered users can download the beta releases from: https://www.sparxsystems.com/registered/2006beta.html

Public beta releases of the SysML and BPMN technologies are also available from:


Trade Shows – Come see us!

SD Best Practices 2006 Conference and Expo, Boston - September 11th-14 th

Embedded Systems Conference, Boston - September 26 th-27 th

Also, see our Sister Company, Sparx Systems Central Europe at

TechEd Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain - November 7th-11th

Details at: https://www.sparxsystems.com/press/events.html


Tips & Tricks

Want to add your own profiles to EA’s Toolbox in 3 simple steps?

  • Locate your Profile in the Resource View
  • Right-click the Profile and select the option: Show Profile in UML Toolbox
  • You can now drag and drop your Profile elements directly from the UML Toolbox

UML Profiles for download: https://www.sparxsystems.com/resources/developers/uml_profiles.html

Need to apply more than one Stereotype?

EA 6.5 lets you apply multiple stereotypes to any UML construct in your model including Association Ends and Operation Parameters! You can quickly apply multiple stereotypes from the Properties screen:
  • Use the ellipses (...) button to select from a list of stereotypes or;
  • Type a comma-separated list of values directly into the stereotype field

For more information, see: https://www.sparxsystems.com/EAUserGuide/applying_stereotypes.htm

Ever wondered how to …

  • Re-connect relationships on a diagram? Easy! Hold the shift key and left-click the connector end you wish to change. Then to re-connect, simply left-click an element.
  • Repeat the last relationship you created? Simply hit the F3 key and drag between elements on a diagram.
  • Quickly add an element on the diagram, without the Toolbox? Left-click the mouse on the diagram and hold the mouse button down. Tap the right mouse button and select the element you wish you add from the context menu. To repeat the last element, try Shift+F3 or Control+left-click.

Reseller, Consulting and Training Offerings

Sparx Systems Central Europe: SSCE will be running a Training Tour in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Classes will be conducted in German. Make use of this opportunity to learn about the new functionality and efficient use of EA 6.5.

Austria/Vienna: October 2-3 rd, 2006
Switzerland/Olten: October 4-5 th, 2006

Berlin : October 16-17 th, 2006
Hamburg : October 18-19 th, 2006
München: October 9-10 th, 2006
Frankfurt : October 11-12 th, 2006

Additional information available at: https://www.sparxsystems.com/partners/sisters/europe.html

Tassc: Estimator now on special offer to EA customers - receive 10% discount
Do you produce software project estimates and development plans?
Import scope (use cases, classes etc) from EA straight into Tassc: Estimator.
Instantly Tassc: Estimator predicts your project resources, cost and duration!

Visit https://www.sparxsystems.com/products/3rdparty.html for more details…

Contart: Offers a regular agenda of UML and EA Training courses in Brazil, where attendants develop practical cases and understand how EA is effectively used in a structured development process.

Training sections are in Brazilian Portuguese.

Ask information through [email protected] or check the agenda at https://www.sparxsystems.com/partners/trainers/south_america.html