Enterprise Architect Newsletter: June 2005

In this Months Issue:

Enterprise Architect 5.0 for UML 2.0 - Now Available!

Sparx Systems are pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Architect 5.0, a major upgrade to their highly successful UML 2.0 modelling tool.

In addition to all the great features EA users have come to rely on, with version 5.0 you can now:

  • Create and maintain multiple platform models from a single platform independent model using MDA style model transformations.
  • Create in-house standard document formats for standardization within your company with no coding required using the fully featured WYSIWYG RTF template editor.
  • Save model branches as Baselines stored in zipped Unicode format for minimum size and maximum portability.
  • Manage change and model updates by displaying differences between elements in a baseline, version controlled file or XMI file and the current package branch.
  • Version contol your model at a finer grained level than in precious versions of EA with enhanced support for nested version control packages.
  • Import .Net and Java binaries directly into EA

Plus many more enhancements and updates!

New version details: https://sparxsystems.com/products/ea_new_version.html
Download Trial: https://sparxsystems.com/products/ea/trial/request.html
Registered Users: https://sparxsystems.com/registered/index.html
Release Notes: https://sparxsystems.com/products/ea/history.html

The latest news from some of our Global Partners:

  • ICONIX (USA)- New courses, training CDs, publications and software/course bundles
  • Tangible (Germany)- New development tool tangible® architect™ 2.0 released
  • Sparx Systems Japan - New RaQuest upgrade in line with EA 5.0
  • ZetaFox (Poland)- The latest in consultancy and training services in UML and EA
  • Moonsoft (Finland)- Multilingual training and workshops available from the experts
  • XENIS (Austria)- Extensive range of courses across Europe in German and English
  • Liemur (UK)- Mentoring, consultation and personal training in modelling, UML and EA
  • Tassc (UK)- From 1 day introductions to intensive 5-day courses on or off site
  • Business Abstraction (Australia)- Migration consultation, effective training for the team

Quick links for Support and Partners

Sister Companies: https://www.sparxsystems.com/partners/sistercompanies.html
EA Trainers: https://www.sparxsystems.com/partners/trainers/index.html
Consultants (VAR): https://www.sparxsystems.com/partners/vars.html
Resellers: https://www.sparxsystems.com/partners/resellers.html

Enterprise Architect 5.0: The latest generation UML modeling tool

The staff and management of Sparx Systems are pleased to announce the recent release of the latest development of Enterprise Architect.

EA continues to redefine the cost/performance equation, with new "high-end" features at the same low price. Support for MDA, model differencing and a great new WYSIWYG report writer are some new features that help place EA at the top of its class.

Enterprise Architect 5.0 - Features List

MDA Style Transforms

The Professional and Corporate editions bring MDA style transforms to EA. MDA Transforms use a template driven approach transform PIM (Platform Independent Model) elements into PSM (Platform Specific Model) elements.

For more details visit: https://www.sparxsystems.com/resources/mda/

RTF WYSIWYG Template Editor and Report Generator

Version 5.0 significantly enhances the RTF document generation facility of the Corporate and Professional Editions of EA. RTF document generation now takes a template driven approach, allowing the user to customize the look, feel and contents of their documentation down to the element level of their model.

For more details visit: https://www.sparxsystems.com/resources/rtf/

Baseline Support

The Corporate Edition now has the new baseline function, which allows the user to store a complete package branch as a compressed XMI file within the current model. The baseline function also allows the user to perform comparisons between the current package and a stored baseline.

For more details visit: https://www.sparxsystems.com/resources/baseline/

Version Control Enhancements

Version Control is significantly enhanced for version 5 and now supports control of nested packages where nested packages are no longer overwritten by the import of parent version control packages. Load time for large files is substantially reduced and support for both AccuRev and Perforce is improved.

For more details visit: https://www.sparxsystems.com/resources/version_control.html

The Compare Utility (Diff)

The Compare Utility (Diff) allows owners of the Professional and Corporate Edition to compare model structure (package branches) to stored XMI. Comparisons may be made between baselines created with the baseline function, files on disk stored as EA XMI and version Controlled EA XMI.

For more details visit: https://www.sparxsystems.com/resources/diff/


Upgrade to EA 5.0 visit:

Purchase EA 5.0 visit:

More information about EA 5.0 visit:

Download the EA 5.0 trial visit:

Release Notes for EA 5.0 published below, or visit:

Sparx Systems Global Partners

Sparx Systems operates globally via our association of dedicated partners who sell Enterprise Architect and also offer a full range of products and services to support you in your activities. The range of services include specialist sales advice, language services to cater for regional requirements and a full range of training packages for the beginner to advanced users. Other Sparx Systems Global Partners offer services such as project management, implementation services and many other consultancy activities.

Sister Companies:

Our Sparx Systems Sister Companies are heavily involved in the ongoing development of EA to cater to end-users in specific regions around the globe. Each Sister Company has performed translations of the most up to date EA builds as well as supporting help documentation and the Sparx Systems website.

For more information visit:

Training Consultants:

Our Global partner training consultants offer a full range of training services to cater for various levels of knowledge. Most Training Consultants not only offer packages in how to get the most out of Enterprise Architect, but also can offer training in UML modeling as well as other domains. You can also register your interest in future training events around the globe.

For more information visit:

Value Added Resellers (VARs):

Our VARs usually offer a collection of services available that will accentuate your ability to fully leverage the power of Enterprise Architect. Many VARs offer a variety of high-level consultancy activities including project management, implementation and business process management.

For more information visit:

Sparx Systems Resellers:

We have over 100 resellers who operate in most countries across the globe. Our Resellers are independent businesses that will provide you with all the answers to your questions. Many Resellers are happy to demonstrate the features and benefits of Enterprise Architect, thus making your purchase decision easier.

For more information visit:

Latest Announcements from our Global Partners


1) Release of "EA for Power Users" Multimedia Tutorial
2) New book: "Agile Development with ICONIX Process" features EA
3) Public classes "Hands on EA for Power Users" schedule announced
4) New "EA PowerPack" bundles combine EA licenses with CD-based training

EA for Power Users - Now available on CD!

After a year and a half of collaboration between ICONIX and Sparx, we're excited to release our latest multimedia tutorial, "Enterprise Architect for Power Users".   This interactive tutorial combines narrated video/graphics slides with live Internet links and over 30 narrated "Demo Movies" covering a wide range of basic and advanced topics (including the latest EA 5.0 features) which will help you leverage the enormous amount of capability that's been built into EA.

Details are at https://www.iconixsw.com/EA/PowerUsers.html

Agile Development with ICONIX Process - New book features extensive use of EA.

The latest book by ICONIX President Doug Rosenberg explains how to apply the minimalist, streamlined, use-case-driven ICONIX Process in an agile context involving multiple iterations and small releases.  The book features an extensive example of a real-world project C#/.Net that was modeled using EA.  The reverse engineering capabilities of EA were used to help synchronize the model and code after each release.  The book also details the development of an EA add-in which automatically generates test cases and a skeleton sequence diagram from a robustness diagram.

Details are at:  https://www.softwarereality.com/AgileDevelopment.jsp

Open Enrollment Public Classes:
"Hands on EA for Power Users" coming soon to a city near you.

Open enrollment public training classes on EA, based around the Internet Bookstore example as detailed in the book "Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling" is coming soon to a city near you!  These 2-day workshops include a license of EA Desktop Edition and copies of the "EA for Power Users" and "Mastering UML with EA and the ICONIX Process" CDROMs, along with the "Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling" book.
Tentative schedule and enrollment information can be found at:

"EA PowerPacks" bundle ICONIX tutorials with EA Licenses

ICONIX is pleased to offer several bundles which combine licenses of EA Corporate Edition, MDG Link for Visual Studio .Net or Eclipse, and the ICONIX "EA for Power Users" and "Mastering UML with EA and ICONIX Process" multimedia tutorials as a single pricelist item.  These bundles provide an astounding amount of functionality for under $500.

Details and a link to our secure on-line order page are at:

Germany: Tangible - New development tool tangible® architect™ 2.0 released

By automatically generating 70% of the code on models, the new tool dramatically accelerates the development of database applications.

How it works
The software developer defines business objects using an UML Model, tangible architect class view wizards or C# Interfaces. Tangible architect then generates the business objects including data access code from within Visual Studio.NET. Thereafter, the user can extend the business objects and bind them to the presentation layer using Data Binding.

New Features and Packaging
The tool's impressive set of features includes Data Binding, O/R Mapping, Schema Generation, an included Object Oriented Database Browser and much more. It also offers compliance with industry best practices and supports each core team member role with powerful features.
The new release offers enhancements for generic user interface development and componenets, and enhanced UML modeling support including a new packaging: tangible architect is now available as a bundle with Enterprise Architect™, the award-winning UML™ modeling tool of Australian software maker Sparx Systems.

A free, fully-functional 30-Days Evaluation Version is available at https://www.tangible.de

Japan: Sparx Systems Japan: RaQuest update required for EA 5.0

RaQuest is a Requirements Management Tool plug-in and is highly integrated with Enterprise Architect. RaQuest enhances the existing features of EA and provides more effective management of requirements.

Sparx Systems Japan has advised current users to update to the latest version of RaQuest to ensure better compability with EA 5.0.

For more information visit:

Poland: ZetaFoxeDesign

ZetaFoxeDesign specialize in UML and System design as well as being Design Patterns experts.

ZetaFoxeDesign offer services in developing UML methodologies, Enterprise Architect training and consultancy services. Their specialist team can prepare an UML design based on requirements analysis ready for programmers for implementation. If you are a recent user of UML, or your need to ask an expert, ZetaFoxeDesign can help you. ZetaFoxeDesign offer courses in UML methodologies as well as Enterprise Architect.

Please visit:

Finland: Moonsoft OY

Moonsoft OY can provide support and training enabling you to get most out of Enterprise Architect 5.0.

The helpful staff at Moonsoft OY can teach you world standard best practises the latest as well as insider tips and tricks to improve you're overall modelling.

All training and consulting is done in Finnish language or if needed also in English.

For more information contact:
Juha Piispa: [email protected]
Moonsoft OY: https://www.moonsoft.fi

Austria: XENIS

XENIS announces new public training and workshops in selected European countries

Xenis are proud to announce following new workshops and public training dates in Germany and Austria. Xenis have created new Training materials based on Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. Training and Workshops will be conducted in German with English optional at some locations.
Xenis offers in-house training sessions for 5 or more participants.

Supported locations include: Austria , Germany and Switzerland (in German) as well as Hungary , Slovenia , Slovakia and Czech Republic (in German and English)

For further information about Training, Workshop, Materials and an UML Questionnaire visit: https://www.xenis.cc/xenis2/default.asp?contid=1038&lid=3# (in German)
Training content and Pre-requisites visit: https://www.xenis.cc/eatraining (in English)

United Kingdom: Liemur Limited

Liemur Limited, a leading UK supplier of customized I.T. training programs, has announced four key new services offering major productivity improvements for software development organizations. 

ADAPTIVE MENTORING uses Liemur specialists to help delegates understand how to quickly and effectively apply what they have learnt in the classroom on the live project. 

DELEGATE CyberFORUM provides a 24/7 web-based help facility to which delegates can post issues for the rapid attention of a Liemur specialist. 

ADVANCED PERSONAL LEARNING continues the learning process outside the classroom during the live project within the working environment to build and strengthen delegate know-how. 

PROJECT SURVEY will carry out an audit of a company's software development projects examining the methodologies, processes and technologies in use, and recommend measures to strengthen practices and reduce risks. 

For more details contact:
Bob Mayo on +44 1243 372999
E-mail: [email protected]

United Kingdom: Tassc

This month Tassc launched a number of exceptional quality courses to teach EA and UML. Tassc delivers cost effective on-site training for clients throughout the UK and in Europe . Tassc provides the following standard course outlines:

Discover EA - 1 day: Ideal for business and systems analysts who already have experience of using UML to model and analyse their requirements.
This course includes hands-on sessions to produce and document these models in Enterprise Architect.

EA Demystified - 2 days: Ideal for systems analysts and software engineers who already have UML experience and now wish to gain confidence in using Enterprise Architect. Includes substantial hands-on sessions to produce comprehensive UML models within the Enterprise Architect environment.

EA with UML - 5 days: Designed for systems analysts and software engineers who are new to UML and Enterprise Architect. Gain a good overall exposure to the main concepts and notations used in object-oriented analysis and design. Focus on the core diagram types and a practical everyday subset of the UML. Includes substantial hands-on sessions to produce comprehensive UML models within the Enterprise Architect environment.

Tassc is a UK based consulting firm specialising in UML and software project management. Tassc offers formal training and on-site mentoring to assist organisations with the adoption and strategic use of UML and iterative development.

To find out more about Tassc or download our new EA training syllabus, visit our website: https://www.tassc-solutions.com


Australia: Business Abstraction

Business Abstraction has recently launched the EA Migration Service designed to progress from a pilot deployment of more expensive tools to full-lifecycle EA implementation, while maintaining skills, knowledge and results acquired on pilot implementation. 

URL: https://www.businessabstraction.com/services/svmigration.htm

To enable Enterprise Architect full-lifecycle all-team capability, Business Abstraction introduced UML Business Analysis with Enterprise Architect training course, designed for Business Analysts and other non-technical people.  

URL: https://www.businessabstraction.com/training/trumlba.htm

The Sparx Systems Forum

The many vibrant and enthusiastic discussion threads found within the Sparx Systems Forum often end up as design strategies in the development process of Enterprise Architect. The Forum community consists of many individuals who are passionate toward the ongoing evolution of EA.

The Forum is a great place to have your questions answered by many experienced people across the globe. Members of the Sparx Systems research and development team are regularly involved in the discussion threads thus making the Forum a great resource for all involved.

Release Notes for EA 5.0 Build 764
Builds 765 and 766 are minor updates and can be viewed at:

Addition of MDA style model transformation engine (Professional and Corporate versions only)

  • Template driven for easy creation and modification of transforms
  • Simple intermediary language allows definition of complex trasnform targets
  • Full forward synchronization to allow PIM updates to be propogated to PSM(s)
  • Maintain multiple PSM(s) from single PIM
  • PSM classes may have additional attributes and operations added that forward synchronization will not modify

New fully WYSIWYG RTF template editor and report generator (all versions)

  • Powerful RTF template editor support:
      • Headers/Footers
      • Images
      • Indexes
      • Tabular Sections
      • Nested Tabular Sections
      • All model elements, connectors, diagrams and their contained properties
      • Template import/export using XML
      • Basic templates supplied for customization
  • New document generator
      • Simplified options
      • Generates complex documents based on new RTF templates
  • New embedded RTF viewer
      • View RTF documents generated in EA directly within EA
  • Compare (diff) Utility (Professional and Corporate versions only)
  • Embedded compare utility allowing comparison of model structure (package branch) to stored XMI
  • Deeply compare all model elements and connectors (diagrams not currently supported)
  • Shows added, deleted, moved and modified elements
  • Compare to XMI file on disk
  • Compare to latest version control XMI file from repository
  • Compare to stored baseline (Coporate version only)

New Baseline function (Corporate version only)

  • Store complete package branch in compressed XMI format within the current model
  • Perform compare on current package to stored Baseline
  • Maintain multiple baselines for any package
  • Use compare to determine changes, additions, deletions from the Baseline to current state

Version control changes:

  • Substantially improved support for version control of nested packages.
  • Nested VC packages are now not overwritten by import of parent VC package
  • VC packages now only write out nested package stubs instead of full details
  • Support to retrieve version control status of many files with a single query to the version control provider, improves load time of large models
  • Improved support of AccuRev version control.
  • Improved support of Perforce version control.
  • General bug fixes and enhancements
  • Perform check of all open diagrams when model subtree is refreshed after import of version control XMI

Model Consistency in shared environment (particularly where version control is employed)

  • Modified Project Browser to check status of selected element when right clicked or focused.
  • Detect when underlying element has been deleted or imported using XMI (including version control)
  • Reload model sub tree when inconsistency detected.

Modifications and improvements to Hierarchy window.

  • Includes dependency relationships
  • Include nested elements as dependency type
  • Added support for the import of binary modules such as Jar files, and .Net assemblies.
  • .NET binary import supported through reflection and/or decompilation to IL format

Data modeling changes:

  • Added support for reverse engineering of stored procedures for SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Fixed engineering of check constraints for Oracle and SQL Server tables.

Code Engineering:

  • Updated Property dialog to check for existing property that isn't linked when creating methods.
  • Fixed property dialog to check for property let functions in visual basic.
  • Added functionality to remove generalization and realisation connectors not found in code when reverse synchronising.
  • Added option to remove associations representing attributes not found in code when reverse synchronising.
  • Fixed bug where attribute/operation positions were set incorrectly after reverse synchronising.
  • Added fix to support C++ operator() correctly
  • Addition of OCL type for element, attribute and operation constraints. Simple syntax checking included.

Automation changes:

  • Support for Add-in menu on connector and diagram
  • Added function to get selected connector
  • Added function to activate an Add-In tabbed window and give it focus
  • Modified EA to prevent closing Add-in tabbed view when user closes current model and opens another
  • Other functions added - see help file


  • Added additional accelerator key strokes to facilitate using EA by keyboard only
  • To ensure new accelerators available, go to Tools/Customise Keyboard tab - and press Reset All
  • Modified use of Arrow keys in a diagram to allow easier navigation and movement (see help)


  • Modified handling of UML Profile and UML Patterns in Toolbox
  • Show each UML Profile in separate toolbox tab
  • Modify behaviour to be more like standard toolbox items (drag drop support, toolbox color etc.)


  • Some small changes to element menu to group advanced settings on separate sub-menu
  • Added option to prompt user on deleting connectors, "Hide in diagram" or "Delete from model".
  • Clean up of toolbar images and UI drawing
  • Improved user messages when shared key expires.
  • Fixed issue where nested element positions were lost in project view
  • Fixed issue with EA Lite opening models from certain repositories.
  • Disabled various menu items in EA Lite.
  • Fixed bug where new properties created in EA didn't get their positions set.
  • Added option to accept Windows authentication instead of logging on to models with security enabled.
  • Fixed bug where tagged values didn't show in diagram frames
  • Fixed issue with tagged values on sterotyped operations.
  • Fixed bug attaching a note to an element feature whose name includes an apostrophe.
  • Added functionality to allow changable colours for status types
  • Enabled context-sensitive help on Add Licence dialog
  • Fix import of "timestamp" datatype from SQL Server 2000.
  • Fix DDL generation of Oracle inline column comments.
  • Added support in the UML Profile export facility to customize the order of profile stereotypes in the resource tree and toolbox.
  • Fixed issue with GUI layout occassionally being broken after running EA from automation client with main window hidden
  • Fixed issue with automation collections not clearing between "CloseFile" and "OpenFile" calls from client

For previous version updates visit: https://www.sparxsystems.com/products/ea/history.html