Sparx Systems Newsletter - September 2011

Enterprise Architect 9.1

Bringing your model to life!

Powerful new simulation capabilities headline this next release of Enterprise Architect

This release delivers major updates to the simulation capability for Enterprise Architect's Corporate edition and above, offering automated and intelligent model execution as well as the ability to script the evaluation of guards and effects. JavaScript support for COM objects within the simulation context has also been added along with a set of "Rapid Start" options helping you to become more productive sooner. Users of the Professional edition can manually simulate models to gain a greater understanding of business processes.

Packed with hundreds of new features including: Tagged value groupings for easier editing of BPMN properties; a powerful "Extensions" menu allowing you to import and publish your model to various formats for greater collaboration; the latest ArcGIS Beta 2.0 Profile which supports configuration of Spatial Reference information. We know you and your team will be thinking and working together with more efficiency than ever before.

Updates to code engineering, SysML, RTF and HTML reporting, the User Interface, Workflow scripts, WAN Optimizer, Version Control and much more ensure this release will be welcomed by Enterprise Architect enthusiasts and novice users alike!

Sparx Systems named in top 100 software companies for 2011

SD Times judges recognize the top innovators, leaders and influencers in the software development industry. They base their decisions on the offering, reputation and leadership of vendors in the industry. The best of the best!

Recognized for its contribution to the software development industry, Sparx Systems has won its third consecutive SD Times 100 Award!

The award underpins Sparx Systems' ongoing commitment to model-driven development excellence.