Sparx Systems Newsletter - March 2008

In News This Month

  • New! Enterprise Architect 7.1
  • TOGAF support
  • Jolt Productivity Award win
  • Visual Studio 2008 Integration
  • Now in BETA
  • Tips and tricks
  • Upcoming events
  • Messages from our Partners

After a successful finish to 2007 which saw continued success for Enterprise Architect, a new Zachman Framework add-in, new Case Studies, record sales and a web site overhaul, Sparx Systems has had a great start to 2008!

Quarter one 2008 has seen the release of Enterprise Architect 7.1, a new TOGAF add-in, new products and upgrades in Beta, and a major Jolt Productivity Award win at the 18th annual Jolt awards.

Our partners have also been busy releasing new add-ins for Enterprise Architect, with support for Reusable Asset Management, HP Quality Centre/Test Director Integration and more.

Please take the time to read about the exciting developments from Sparx Systems below.

Best Regards,
The Sparx Systems team

Enterprise Architect 7.1 - Strength & Agility

Enterprise Architect version 7.1 has now been officially released, boasting a wealth of new features, many minor updates and considerable fine tuning.

Release highlights include new and improved tools to:

  • Manage projects and models - including more flexible version control, security enhancements and options for distributed collaborative development.
  • Manage information with built-in and customizable Model Views, new Model Merge capability and extended Element List support.
  • Visualize and document executing applications with new object State capture, transition verification, automatic recording markers and other improvements to the execution analyzer.
  • Integrate new technologies for complete domain specific modeling support. Take advantage of new published frameworks like Zachman, TOGAF, DoDAF and MODAF. Use new technology driven toolboxes, views and more for the ultimate UML driven modeling experience.
  • Work faster and smarter with new user interface enhancements, capture and work with models in a more intuitive and streamlined manner.

Ensure your project's success. Whether you need exceptional model management, quick and easy model navigation, high quality documentation, or to gain a better understanding of your code, Enterprise Architect 7.1 has the tools you need to get the job done.

Latest changes are here:
Download for registered users:
The FREE Trial:

Support for TOGAF

The new MDG Technology for TOGAF tightly integrates Enterprise Architect 7.1 and TOGAF. Now you can take full advantage of The Open Group's Architecture Framework (TOGAF) inside Enterprise Architect. Layered upon the UML 2.1 standard, this new add-in comprehensively supports The Open Group's approach to information systems architecture.

TOGAF trial and details:
Enterprise Architect (full):
Enterprise Architect (trial):

Enterprise Architect wins another Jolt Productivity Award

Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems has once again impressed the Jolt judges, taking out a Productivity Award in the highly competitive Design Tool and Modeling category at the 18th annual Jolt awards this year.

Also a winner in 2005, and up against many other well-known design tools, Enterprise Architect again proves itself in a competitive and rapidly changing industry!

Read more here:

Released! Visual Studio 2008 Integration

Enterprise Architect now integrates with the Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 IDE, with the release of Version 3.5 of MDG Integration for Visual Studio. The new version also extends support for importing and synchronization of Team Foundation Server Work Items and enhances traceability from model to source code.

Full release details and download here:

Now in BETA - What's coming soon

The next few months will see the release of new products and major upgrades from Sparx Systems.

Currently the following are in BETA release for you to trial:

  1. DoDAF/MODAF. New add-in support for the Department of Defense and Ministry of Defence Architectural Frameworks.
  2. Real-Time and Embedded. A great new add-in targeting real-time UML and embedded design. A must have tool for those needing extensive low level code-generation and systems engineering support.
  3. Eclipse Integration. A major update with improved performance and all-new support for Adobe FLEX (ActionScript) projects.

For a full list of BETA products and downloads visit:

Tips and tricks

Tip 1: Need a more complete view of your model?

Enterprise Architect 7.1 lets you work in full screen mode. Here's how:

  1. From the main menu, select: Window | Full Screen
  2. The diagram now occupies the entire workspace, with all dockable windows hidden
  3. To revert back to normal screen, simply click the floating “Full Screen” button

Tip 2: Quick UML Context Menu

Can't find it in the current Tool Box? Here's how to quickly add a new UML element to your diagram.

  1. Hover your mouse over the diagram.
  2. Click and hold the left mouse button.
  3. Tap the right mouse button for the UML context menu.
  4. Select the required UML element.

Upcoming events

Come and see us at the following events!

VSLive!: March 30-April 3, San Francisco, CA

Embedded Systems Conference: April 14-18, Silicon Valley, CA

CeBIT 2008 Australia: May 20-22, Sydney

Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2008: June 9-11, London

CommunicAsia 2008: June 17-20, Singapore

For more information please visit

Messages from our Partners

The following information was supplied by Sparx Systems' Partners, and is correct as of the time of writing

Sparx Systems Japan

The following information is provided by Sparx Systems Japan:

Developed by Sparx Systems Japan, ARCSeeker is a Reusable Asset Management tool. It helps Enterprise Architect users to conveniently store and retrieve model information efficiently. Sparx Systems Japan has recently released the English edition of ARCSeeker.

For more information please visit


The following information is provided by Canonic:

Canonic announces the release of CadeoSM for Enterprise Architect/Quality Center beta. It creates a real-time, bi-directional integration between Enterprise Architect and Hewlett-Packard's (formerly Mercury) Quality Center.

Visit the Canonic site for a FREE XMI download of the Business Archetype Patterns developed by Prof. Jim Arlow and Ila Neustadt and featured in their book Enterprise Patterns and MDA.

Canonic has developed a revolutionary approach to software development called Model Driven Business®. With this approach, Canonic accelerates your development effort and empower you to accomplish more with fewer resources.

For more information contact [email protected], or visit the website


The following information is provided by ICONIX:

Enterprise Architect now contains support for the ICONIX Business Modeling Roadmap; a set of activity diagrams which details ICONIX's simplified approach to business process modeling.

The BPM Roadmap was developed by ICONIX based on their experience in helping a number of business process engineering projects, and is easily installable into your model by selecting ICONIX when creating a new project.

Business modeling is usually a precursor to software system design using the ICONIX Process. This roadmap, in conjunction with the ICONIX Process Roadmap, provides a seamless transition from business modeling through software design and implementation.

For more information, please visit

integrate IT LLC:

The following information is provided by integrate IT LLC:

Public Course - Enterprise Architect Project Guidance Workshop,
Los Angeles June 9 - 12, 2008 - Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens

Practice your skills by “doing a project” and learn how to use the powerful time saving features of Enterprise Architect. Hundreds of satisfied customers claim our Enterprise Architect Project Guidance Workshops, authored by Ramsay Millar, Mentor and Practice Leader, will reveal the many effective techniques to save you time, improve quality and reduce project re-work by as much as 40 per cent, when using Enterprise Architect.

Learn more about what Gartner says about Enterprise Architect and why we know that it is the BEST Life-cycle Multi-tool. Don't miss our next public event, go to for more information.

Solutions Reality - Time Architect v 2.0

The following information is provided by Solutions Reality:

Time Architect by Solutions Reality continues to evolve extending the functionality of Enterprise Architect for both Project Managers and modellers.

As well as Gantt Charts, resource management and timeline calculations, Time Architect can:

  • Import to and from MS Project (via MS Excel)
  • Manage multiple Enterprise Architect elements and Tags
  • Provide an instant review of project progress
  • Produce professional project reports
  • Produce Risk Matrixes (by extending Enterprise Architect risks)
  • Provides an evolving Project Management Profile for Enterprise Architect
  • And much, much more

Catch Limited

The following information is provided by Catch Limited:

Screen Architect
A prototyping tool specifically developed to allow rapid prototyping of user interfaces, developed by Catch Limited. Screen Architect is a plug-in for Enterprise Architect and provides direct traceability between interfaces and the system model

Enterprise Architect User Group, New Zealand - Thursday, 10th April 2008
New Zealand's inaugural Enterprise Architect User Group [EAUG] meetings will be taking place in Auckland & Wellington in two week's time. All welcome - No charge

For more information, please visit